The Best Sunday Roast Is Right Around the Corner

Restaurants with private dining

Considering that, in terms of restaurant diversity, London surpassed Paris almost 10 years ago, it’s no surprise that an increasing number of London families are heading out of the house to eat a delicious Sunday roast dinner.

In times past, families would gather round the family table in a steamy kitchen on Sunday while mum finished pouring the gravy on the Yorkshire pudding and setting out the roasted turnips. In modern times, however, when mums are working full time jobs right alongside their male counterparts, there is less time for them to make the homemade goodies from scratch, including the perfect Sunday roast, that English grandmothers used to whip up seemingly from out of nowhere.

The average Londoner, including men, women and children, dines out in a pub or restaurant nearly four times a week. This statistic goes a long way toward explaining why 21% of Englanders admit that they are more likely to recall the name of their pub owner rather than their neighbor.

Does this mean that pub owners have become Londoners’ surrogate mothers and grandmothers in the kitchen? Not necessarily. It may have more to do with the natural human yearning to seek out companionship and conversation. Since more than 15 million Englanders visit pubs every week, it makes sense that they are the most likely place to find a mix of the two biggest pleasures in life … people and food … would be inside an English pub. The pleasure is only enhanced when diners are sitting down to the best Sunday roast.

Contrary to popular belief, pubs, or “public houses,” weren’t invented to get visitors sloppy drunk. The public house concept dates back to Roman times. When Roman roads came into existence, there was a need for weary travelers to have a place to stop in and get refreshment, sustenance and rest. Today, pubs across England have retained their reputation for being a place of welcome and camaraderie.

Pub owners have taken notice and stand up to the expectation. For good, wholesome food that sticks to your ribs, it’s hard to beat pub food. The chefs responsible for some of the best shepherd’s pie and the best Sunday roasts in the world can be found in the back kitchens of neighborhood England pubs. Restaurants with private dining rooms are also available, for those who want a more intimate experience.

And when the plates are cleared and the glasses are rinsed, London families return to their homes, full and satisfied. Looking for the best Sunday roast? Look no further than your neighborhood pub. To see more, read this.

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