5 Surprising Ways to Use Hummus

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When you think of hummus spread recipes, what immediately comes to mind might be all the different types of hummus that can be bought in nearly any American grocery store. Hummus first broke onto the American scene in the ’60s, but was thought of only as a specialty health item. Today, it’s a mainstream snack eaten by over 15 million Americans on a regular basis, most frequently used as a dip. In fact, what was only a small industry 15 years ago now dominates the refrigerated spreads section, according to market research group Symphony IRI.

But did you know there are also many recipes using hummus for filling snacks, lunches and dinners? Here are five surprising hummus spread recipes to spice up your culinary routine.

  1. Hummus Pizza:
    Calling any dish “pizza” is sure to please picky eaters. To pack in nutrition, spread your favorite hummus on a pre-cooked crust. Then top with various fresh veggies for a no-cook cool pizza. Your kids can’t complain when they’re eating pizza as their vegetable!
  2. Hummus Deviled Eggs:
    Hummus’ properties mean that it can be substituted for mayonnaise in many dishes. One option is using hummus in deviled eggs, which adds flavor and even more protein to the popular potluck item. Sprinkle with a little paprika on top before serving for looks and some extra spice.
  3. Hummus Salad (Dressing):
    Mixing roasted garlic hummus dip with a little olive oil can make a deliciously creamy salad dressing–sans the saturated fats of most salad dressing brands.
  4. Hummus Burgers:
    You can use hummus two ways in this recipe. First, mix a few tablespoons of hummus, peppers and onions into your ground beef before forming it into patties. Then, just before you serve the burgers, spread a little roasted red pepper hummus dip on each toasted bun.
  5. Hummus Casserole:
    Rice or noodles, veggies, chicken and canned condensed soup make for a classic Midwestern casserole that’s perfect for an easy weeknight dinner. For a healthier version (hummus has no saturated fat or cholesterol), substitute garlic hummus for the condensed soup.

Would you try any of these hummus spread recipes? Do you have other recipes with hummus to suggest? Share in the comments. Links like this.

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