Burgers Or Coffee? The Best Australian Food Franchise Opportunity of 2015

Small business franchise opportunities

In a world of luxury markets, it might be a bit shocking to learn that, according to Business Insider, coffee is the second-most sought after commodity on the entire planet.

Australia offers a lucrative opportunity for budding small businesses interested in franchising options, and it’s also a country whose inhabitants love coffee Datamonitor cites that for every seven cups of coffee consumed by Australians, at least one is consumed out of home. With some two billion cups sold via cafes and vendors a year, the mobile coffee van franchise market is growing.

So, why just might coffee be one of the best food franchise opportunities? The coffee franchise is a fairly simple business, with a rather high turnover of profit. Franchising has become an industry staple for the drink, leading to one of the best pre-established systems that has been proven to work.

Franchised businesses don’t just benefit the people who run the businesses, either. They provide a valuable commodity — in this case, coffee — to consumers who like to rely on a well-known name, and who crave the consistency in quality and service that franchises guarantee.

A mobile coffee franchise offers other benefits, as well. There’s much less overhead than with a traditional brick-and-mortar cafe, and the owner of the coffee van can go anywhere the customers are — whether that’s an office park during the morning rush, a festival or street fair, or even a playground where mothers would be happy to buy a cup to sip as they watch their children have fun.

It’s easy to see why coffee is a growing trend in the franchise business, both in Australia and all over the world.

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