The Important Health Benefits of Hummus You Need to Know Now

Different flavors of hummus

In case you missed the hummus health benefits memo that went out some 40 years ago, hummus is kind of a big deal. While it may be hard to believe that this highly nutritious and insanely delicious food and condiment was once snubbed by Americans, that’s is very much a cold, hard, and unfortunate reality. Just think, during that dark period in the history of hummus spread in the United States, American taste buds could have been busy enjoying the creamy, savory goodness of the many different types of hummus.

When easy hummus recipes were first brought to American soil in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s by Mediterranean and Middle Eastern immigrants, it was considered a bizarre, foreign, exotic, and unappetizing food according to the picky American palate. Confined to the small — and rarely frequented — health aisle of select grocery stores, hummus was unable to receive the recognition in deserved. It wasn’t until the standard American diet began to change that Americans were finally able to experience the hummus health benefits they had been missing out on.

The health benefits of hummus have been enjoyed by peoples of North African, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries since ancient times. One of the most interesting facts about hummus is that the first recipe for a food closely resembling modern hummus was discovered in ancient Egyptian ruins dating back to a time before Christ. Since then, little has changed in regards to hummus’ core ingredients, which are pureed chickpeas, lemon juice, fresh garlic, and a spice blend.

Fast forward to today, and healthier — but no less satisfying — foreign foods such as hummus have found their way into the refrigerators and bellies of even the pickiest American eaters. With its creamy texture and rich consistency, it’s easy for even the fussiest eater to enjoy the health benefits of hummus without compromise.

Aside from brimming with flavor, hummus is also packed with two key nutrients: fiber and protein.

Fiber helps keep your gut happy by ensuring things move along. This helps your body not only eliminate toxins such as pesticides from its system, but it also helps the body eliminate excess fat and cholesterol. Reducing cholesterol is key to preventing chronic illnesses such as heart disease and even some forms of cancer.

Protein is an essential nutrient that helps with nearly of the body’s functions. Not only is it the building block of muscle, it also aids in the brain’s cognitive ability. Without protein, the brain has difficult accurately processing information which in turn leaves the person feeling slow or sluggish. A lack of protein can negatively impact muscle function and has also been known to hinder joint mobility.

One of the most unsung hummus health benefits is that it contains both fresh lemon and garlic, two of nature’s most potent and powerful sources of vitamin C and antioxidants. Lemon and garlic are known for their ability to help the body eliminate toxins and boost immunity. In fact, fresh garlic has been used in homeopathic and natural medicine since ancient times for antiseptic and healing properties.

Isn’t it amazing that by eating hummus people are able to nourish their bodies with all the wonderful hummus health benefits? It’s kind of like indulging in a guilty pleasure that’s actually good for you.

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