How to Eat Ice Cream and Lose Weight

Frozen dessert cups

The other day my toddler son was watching the kids YouTube app on my phone. He came across a song about ice cream and wanted to play it over and over again for the rest of the day. The thing is, everybody loves ice cream. Even a child that isn’t even two yet and doesn’t get to eat it very much. There’s just something about sitting down with an ice cream cup overflowing with goodness and bringing that cold spoon to your taste buds. When you picture this, you likely picture a hot sunny day where everyone is dancing and happy. Ice cream is wonderful. I know it, you know it and my toddler knows it.

But what happens when you go on a diet? Do you have to put the ice cream cup away entirely? Is it really overflowing with sugar that much that it would do you damage? Well, haven’t decided that ice cream is worth it I decided to look around and find out how a person could still lose weight and be healthy while eating ice cream. So, pick up your tasting spoons and get settled because you’re about to find out why ice cream should be a crucial part of your life.

Eliminate Everything Else
The key to being able to still scoop into that ice cream cup when you’re trying to lose weight is not eating anything else. Of course you can still have your vegetables, your protein and the other necessary nutrients to survive but you will not be able to be to eat any other sugar or carbohydrates. Don’t worry, you won’t even miss it because you will still be able to have your ice cream and that’s all that matters. Make sure you aren’t eating any kind of breads or sweets or sweetbreads. They all have to go if you want to be able to keep your ice cream. This is talking about real ice cream, like gelato; that rich, creamy, flavorful bowl of happiness. Why would you even need anything else?

Eat it Once a Day
If you absolutely must have other food then limit your ice cream intake to one ice cream cup a day. The rest of the day you will still need to eat healthy but you can add in whole wheat carbohydrates like brown bread and rice and healthy fats such as avocados and nuts. Keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with incorporating the two. Pistachio ice cream ring a bell? It’s delicious and has pistachios so doesn’t that mean it’s fairly healthy? You may want to look into that a little bit more yourself but I say it’s a good compromise.

Don’t Compromise Your Cup
You’ve heard it before: just eat frozen yogurt, it tastes just like ice cream. Don’t believe them, it’s not true. There’s nothing like ice cream. Frozen yogurt is delicious in its own right but it’s not ice cream. Also, while frozen yogurt might be lower in calories and fat than actual ice cream there is an incredible amount of sugar in it to make up for the rest of it not being there. One cup of frozen yogurt holds about 10 teaspoons of sugar. So, it’s really not a whole lot better for you than actual ice cream.

Make Your Own
If you don’t believe me and you want to cut out the ice cream in order to fit back into your bikini, then that’s your choice but I have yet another option for you. Make it yourself! And ice cream maker is not expensive and you can make it from healthy alternatives like oats, fruit dark chocolate or natural seasonings like citrus or mint. Simple ingredients are best whether you make it yourself or not, so stick with those and you can’t go wrong. There are some great recipes online for making your own ice cream.

There you have it, that’s how you eat ice cream and still look great at the beach. Just try it for a few weeks and see what happens. You may be pleasantly surprised. Eating a bowl of ice cream once a day could curb your sugar cravings enough that you don’t even want anything else.

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