Instagram And Flickr Are Leading The Modern Food Revolution Can Your Restaurant Keep Up?

Micro vegetables

People eat with their eyes first. What is your restaurant doing to make sure customers are talking about the meal well after they’ve finished?

Adding a beautiful finishing touch to each meal is an old-fashioned way of imbuing your menu with that much more charm, capturing the eye even as customers are already settled in for the meal of the week. Not all microgreens are made the same, however, and a little quality control will go a long way in keeping your establishment’s reputation flourishing. Whether you’re considering tossing on edible flowers for salads or want to usher in micro green varieties for your full-course meals, you’re already on the right track.

What Is A True Leaf Microgreen?

What do you remember most about some of your favorite meals? The flavor is no doubt high on the list. The smart calorie count might even be more so. For many in today’s Instagram-obsessed culture, however, it’s the true leaf microgreen that transformed their plate from a standard dish to a true work of art. These edible food accents add an artistic flourish to any plate and are a great way to get people talking about your restaurant well before and well after they’ve visited.

What Varieties Do Microgreens Come In?

You name it, there’s a dish that will only do better with the aid of a true life microgreen. You can find natural ones to add a splash of green to a dish, with others that are more colorful and whimsical. Visits to fine dining establishments have grown an impressive 3% in the past year (as many as millions more Americans choosing to dine in upscale restaurants) and the Bureau Of Labor Statistics have deemed households with incomes of $100,000 or higher being responsible for up to 35% of spending on food away from home.

Are Candied Flowers Edible?

Petite microgreens are more than just for show. There are over 100 types of common garden flowers that are both edible as well as palatable. Sugar flowers for cupcakes are incredibly popular for their dainty appearance, though you can also find sugar flowers for wedding cakes. The art of crystallized flowers has come back in full force and inspired entire websites and blogs dedicated to their quaint charm. One of the largest and most active Flickr groups to date is called “I Ate This”, dedicated to matching quality photography with quality food.

How Long Have Microgreens Been Around?

While candied flowers and true leaf microgreens may seem a little new, their roots go back further. They’ve been around for 30 years or so, with the latest resurgence being attributed to both the rise in technology and the growing ache for old-fashioned forms of food presentation. The average fine dining cost per person in the country amounts to $30. If you want to ensure your restaurant has a long life span in today’s busy world, turning to the art of the true leaf microgreen and edible candy flower will speak volumes about what you have to offer.

How Do I Know How To Pick The Best Organic Micro Greens?

Microgreens are incredibly difficult to cultivate, meaning it’s in your best interest to leave the work to the professionals. Microgreens have to be stored at an optimal temperature of four degrees Celsius (or 39 degrees Fahrenheit) and even have their own rating system to mark their visual quality. One is the poorest quality, while five is considered its very best. The marketability threshold usually remains on three or higher. Anything less should be considered too average to bear your restaurant’s name.

Make sure your customer’s artistic appetites are satisfied before they even pick up their fork. Sugar flowers and the true leaf microgreen are here to stay.

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