Should you be buying a new reefer trailer or fixing your old one?

If you plan to transport delicate food items such as vegetables or fruits, you should consider getting a brand-new, professional insulated trailer to start your operations. However, if you plan to transport delicate items constantly, you might be better with a reefer transportation company. Keep your food fresh and without spoiling by having a reliable and legal method of transportation.

A reefer is a modified trailer perfect for transporting food and delicate items. They are insulated and have reliable ventilation that avoids any heat or dangerous temperatures inside the trailer. Most temperature controlled trailers need a reliable battery and constant checkups. Don’t hesitate to schedule a maintenance service if you notice something off with your temperature controlled trailer. Moreover, you can increase the efficiency of your trailer by adding a reefer trailer air chute and keep your items fresh and without spoiling. Enhance your services and offer the best food transportation by using a reefer.

If you want to optimize your operations and provide a quality service, enhance your units and add reefers to your food delivery services.

There are over 500,000 reefer trailers in option within the United States. This number may sound like an astounding amount, but for many drivers the importance of these trucks is unparalleled. With an industry valued at $7,658 billion dollars it can be a difficult task to keep these trucks up to date and on the road. But with the business that they provide making sure that these reefer unit trucks are up to date and going strong is a vital part of your operation and making sure that you actually have a business to keep conducting. How do you know when it is time to look for a reefer trailer for sale? What are some of the signs that show your truck is beginning to deteriorate with your business. And would it be a good idea to look into buying used reefer trailers to conduct your business? Perhaps for your own safety it is time to give all of these questions a thought.

What is a reefer trailer?

A reefer trailer is a drivable refrigerator trailer. These trucks are typically in the temperature rage of -20 to70 degrees Fahrenheit. They keep food maintained at a safe level for all of your goods when transporting to stores and other locations. Your reefer trailer is imperative to getting your items from one place to another and they are very important to the stores that they have dealings with as well. These trucks stand up to the FDA standards and assure everyone that the goods they are receiving are up to date and ready to be consumed.

How do you know that it is time to look for a new reefer trailer for sale?

There are plenty of ways to tell if your reefer trailer is slowly beginning to go and ready for replacement. If the cooling modules in these trucks go your will become warm and go bad far faster than they would if your trailers were in working order. If you sense that the temp within your reefer trailer, or if you see from the thermometer that your trailers are not maintaining their set temperature than perhaps it is time to find a mechanic that can look over your trailer and give you a solid diagnosis on weather it is time to replace your trailer or if the fix is one that could be simply done by them. If you have any indication that your reefer tailer is a bit of a problem or you should be looking for a reefer trailer for sale, contacting your mechanic is the best thing you could do.

Are used reefer trailers for sale an option?

Yes! Some mechanics are able to fully restore an old unit and get it back in the correct condition to run for many more years. As long as the reefer trailer that your looking at has documentation on what was done to it and you’re sure that it is going to continue to work for years to come than buying used is never a bad idea. It saves a bit of money in your pocket and it gives a used unit a bit more time to be on the road before being used for scraps and parts.

If the reefer trailers you currently own is an important part of your business be sure that your vehicle is being looked at and inspected regularly. The last thing you and your business need is for the trailer to suddenly go in the middle of a busy work day, that creates problems not only for you but also for the businesses you were going to. Have your trailer inspected and if you need a new one than start looking through both new and used today to find the correct reefer trailer that is going to benefit you and your business today. Don’t wait until you have a real problem and you’re out of commission with it. If you have to look for a reefer trailer for sale than it is never too soon to start going through your options.

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