Does Your Family Eat a Healthy Diet?

Tomorrow we can eat broccoli, but today is for ice cream!
Although they rejected the hilarious tagline for their graduation announcement, there are few comments that are more accurate.
One of the girls is vegan; one of the girls is a pescatarian; both of them are healthy eaters. They do, however, love ice cream. When it came time to plan a menu and decide a theme for their high school graduation party the girls were certain that they did not want to serve foods that they did not like to eat. Originally they were hoping to have a brunch where they could have a cereal bar, complete with the most healthy and tasty toppings they like. That plan, however, did not work into the schedule so the girls were thrilled when they were able to book an ice cream truck.
This ice cream truck, of course, is not the one that you see driving through neighborhoods. An organic farm to table company, this brick and mortar store has recently purchased an older truck that they have turned into an authentic looking ice cream delivery truck.

The two seniors have been known for their trips to their favorite natural grocery store to purchase healthy snacks before any gathering. They would bring large trays of fresh cut fruit to sleepovers and healthy humus and whole grain chips to movie days at school. Although many people teased these girls who spend as much time at their favorite natural grocery store then most teens do on their phones, the healthy food store items were always the first to disappear. Obviously, the girls wanted to make sure that they were able to share their favorite healthy and tasty ice cream at their graduation party.

Health Food Stores and Organic Produce Supermarkets Continue to Grow in Popularity

From teenage girls to retired adults, there are many people who spent a good deal of time and money at grocery stores that offer certified organic items. In fact, a recent report on organic food and non-food sales indicated that U.S. organic food sales amounted to approximately $45.21 billion in 2017. Unfortunately, as more and more producers and retailers try to take advantage of these trends it should come as no surprise that there are now processes in place to make sure that these organic items are meeting the highest standards.

For example, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has established an organic certification program that requires all organic foods to meet strict government standards. These standards regulate everything from how such foods are grown, to how they are handled and processed. In a time when more and more Americans are making an effort to eat more natural, and less processed foods, these USDA standards help consumers identify the kinds of products they are looking for.

Whether you are a teenager checking out a natural grocery store for the first time or you are a parent trying to set healthy examples for your entire family, you have many resources available, from ice cream to broccoli!

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