Prime Rib Steak Cooking Tips

Do you want to cook the perfect prime rib steak? It’s a dinner that’ll impress any guests you have over. In this video, famed chef Gordon Ramsay explains how.

Ramsay gets straight into the instructions, beginning with how hot you want the pan, and why you should put a generous amount of pepper on the steak. These are among many simple instructions that make a big difference.

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Another is to remove the steak from the fridge about 20 minutes before cooking it.

When the steak cooks, Ramsay explains what the chef should be hearing and seeing. These observations ensure that the prime rib steak gets cooked for the appropriate amount of time. He also shows an interesting technique with the pan to sear every surface of the steak, including the sides.

Throughout the short process, Chef Ramsay flips the steak every minute to cook it evenly, and he hits it with garlic and thyme as he goes. Finally, he throws in butter and uses that to baste the steak. At that point, he says that it takes on a completely different flavor.

Steak is one of the beloved meals for meat eaters. However, the way it gets cooked makes a huge difference, and most people have had good and bad experiences eating steak based on its preparation. By taking these simple steps to heart, your steak will end up perfect every time.


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