Kitchen Cleaning: Exhaust Hood Care

In the YouTube video “How to Clean a Kitchen Exhaust Hood | Start to Finish” by Basilitec Southwest, presented by Dustin, an effective process for cleaning a greasy kitchen exhaust hood is demonstrated, in addition to hood cleaning service tips and recommendations. The meticulous procedure involves the application of chemical cleaner and pressure washing to ensure a thorough cleaning from start to finish.

Dustin initiates the process of a hood cleaning service by dusting the hood and ducts, strategically minimizing water buildup in the trash can. The application of a chemical cleaner follows, with a focus on heavily soiled areas.

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A subsequent pass with pressure washing effectively removes a significant amount of grime.

Not neglecting the ducts, Dustin reaches up to spray and meticulously rinses them using a squeegee and mop stick, eliminating excess water. Once the hood is completely dry, Dustin shares a method for removing the protective plastic wrap, emphasizing the importance of a pristine surface.

Highlighting the significance of thorough drying, Dustin advises using dry rags to avoid water spots during the application of shine. Carefully applying a small amount of shine to all surfaces ensures a clear, streak-free finish. The video provides a comprehensive guide, empowering viewers with the knowledge to achieve a sparkling, grease-free kitchen exhaust hood.


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