Your Three Step Guide to Getting a Great Custom Wedding Cake

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“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person,” Mignon McLaughlin, a well known journalist, once wrote. When you’re ready to fall in love again and again with your significant other, a wedding is often the next step. Although there are many steps to arranging a wedding, one of the more enjoyable might be planning custom wedding cakes.

Are you interested in getting the perfect cake for your big day? Believe it or not, it’s not as simple as calling a baker three days before the wedding and asking them to whip up something nice. If you’ve already realized that, you’re on the right track. Here are three steps you should take when you’re ordering unique wedding cakes.

Step One: Outlining Your Needs and Wants

When it comes to planning custom wedding cakes, you should separate your needs from wants, and plan accordingly. If you need a fairly large cake, you might need to ditch your want for a highly customized design where tiers are very sloped. On the other hand, you might realize that your want for raspberry filling is high on your list, and if there is an issue with the budget, you’d rather have that than fancy cake stands for wedding cakes.

Step Two: Talking to Qualified Wedding Cake Shops

Do your homework and find a responsible baker, not one who has a reputation in the local community for sloppy work and late deliveries. Start looking for your baker several months ahead of time — skilled bakeries fill up their schedules quickly. Discuss your ideas and work with them to figure out the right cake for you. Questions you can and should ask:

  • How far ahead of the wedding date will the cake be produced?
  • How much do extras like delivery, cake cutting, or cake stands cost?
  • Is there one baker or a team in charge of making the cake? If it’s one person, what happens if they get sick?

Step Three: Getting Custom Wedding Cakes to Their Destination

The last part of getting a cake is, of course, having it arrive in one piece to your wedding. This is a stage where many people are tempted to take matters into their own hands, but it’s something we’d advise against. Wedding cakes have been ruined after a hurrying groomsman places it next to a hungry dog on the back seat, or a pile of papers spill over and onto the freshly done frosting. Eliminate the opportunity for mishap and pay for delivery.

Do you have tips for getting custom made cakes? Let us know in the comments. More. Find more.

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