Microgreens Creative Way to Eat Healthy


If you want to eat beautiful looking, healthy dish, you need to look into Microgreens. Microgreens can be used in a variety of dishes, including in edible flowers for salads and cupcakes. Look into firestix and other edible flowers you will discover a way to eat creatively and healthy.

Edible flowers can be the perfect snack if you are looking to eat healthier. There are a variety of edible flowers including Firestix, Sparklers and Herb Flowers. Firestix have tall, flame-like blossoms and are gleaned from the most vibrant portion of the plant. Firestix can be added to any dish, appetizer or dessert. Not only can Firestix enhance the visual appeal of the plate, they are durable and have a mild flavor. Another fantastic use for edible flowers is in condiments such as vinegars, dressings and syrups, or mixed into cheese or butter.

Microgreens are extremely delicate, and require certain knowledge and expertise to grow adequately. The seeds used to grow microgreens are the same seeds that are used for full sized herbs, vegetables and greens. Microgreens are used as a fresh flavor accent primarily in fine dining restaurants. These restaurants place an emphasis on both the creative presentation and flavor of their dishes. Microgreens have been popular in upscale restaurants for over 15 years.

Some micro greens are sold while still growing, rooted in soil or other growing medium, so that they can be cut by the end user. If the stem is cut leaving root behind, and it is not produced in water, it is a microgreen, not a sprout. Microgreens that are grown in sunlight with plenty of space and good ventilation have increased vigor resulting in more color and flavor compared to those grown under artificial lights. The conditions that are ideal for growing microgreens do not encourage the growth of dangerous pathogens.

If you want to eat healthier, check out Microgreens, including Firestix. Microgreens are perfect for those who want to have better presentation and be healthier. Check out Microgreens and enjoy a delicious and colorful snack.

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