The Best Way to Serve Guacamole

Guacamole recipe

You are hosting your groups next game night, and you only have one question: what snack is going to be a hit with the guest. Guacamole is perfect for those looking for a versatile snack that can be used in dips and other recipes. Guacamole calories are low, so check out all of your options.

Classic Guacamole recipes can be used in a variety of meals, even breakfast. Savory biscuits, baked eggs and Puff Pancakes can be paired with Guacamole. Lunch might be the meal where Guacamole can be used most often. You can pair Guacamole with your favorite sandwich like Chicken Salad or with your salad. Some of the best popular dinner recipes involving guacamole include Jalapeno Hummus and Chicken Enchilada Casserole, and Grilled Summer Vegetable Pita Pizza.

Fresh guacamole dips are something that can appeal to every party guest. Guacamole can be used in a variety of dips, including spicy buffalo wing dip that can be fared with the staple of game day. You can use Guacamole in garlic bread and Mediterranean Nachos. Spicy Guacamole Dip is perfect for parties because of the ease in its preparation. The dip only takes 15 minutes and features a variety of diverse items including Cilantro, Jalapeno and Red Onion.

Guacamole nutrition is something that has helped make the snack a staple of tables every year. The variety of ingredients make it one of the healthiest foods you can serve as a snack. There are only 23 calories in one serving of Guaacmole. In moderation, Guacamole can be part of a healthy diet. Thanks to the Avocados in Guacamole, you are receiving vital nutrients, minerals and healthy fats.

Guacamole calories
are low, so make sure to put it on your table when you are hosting your next party. Whether it is bread, potato chips or buffalo wings, you can pair Guacamole with almost anything to have an amazing meal. Serve Guacamole at your next party and your guest will keep coming back.

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