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How to Make an Awesome Onion Yogurt Dip

Store bought veggie dips might make things easy, but if you really want to serve some healthy(ish), delicious dips for chips, you’re going to want to make some yourself. Here’s how you can make one of the best onion yogurt dips around! Get Your Ingredients. – First things first, you have to grab your ingredients….

Three Health Benefits of Guacamole Every Foodie Needs to Know About

Salsa has long been seen as the king of the chip dips and toppings for Hispanic foods in the United States; that being said, it’s cousin guacamole is making a real push for the number one spot. Garlicky, savory, salty, and just the slightest bit sweet, even the most basic guacamole recipe goes great with…

The Best Way to Serve Guacamole

You are hosting your groups next game night, and you only have one question: what snack is going to be a hit with the guest. Guacamole is perfect for those looking for a versatile snack that can be used in dips and other recipes. Guacamole calories are low, so check out all of your options….