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Microgreens Nature’s Flavorful Morsel

They are a product of California, assembled during the 1980s, and have the texture of a small four-leaf clover. They have been used in fine dining restaurants around the country, have grown into prominence in the past decade, and are used to garnish dishes–from soup to salads to desserts. They are microgreens. Microgreens came about…

Edible Flowers And Microgreens, From The Garden To Your Table

You’ve seen dishes created at top restaurants around the world, so you know that eye appeal ranks right up there with flavor in terms of what defines a fine dining experience. Would you be surprised to learn that you may have flowers in your garden that are are perfectly good as food items? It’s true….

Microgreens Creative Way to Eat Healthy

If you want to eat beautiful looking, healthy dish, you need to look into Microgreens. Microgreens can be used in a variety of dishes, including in edible flowers for salads and cupcakes. Look into firestix and other edible flowers you will discover a way to eat creatively and healthy. Edible flowers can be the perfect…