Put a Little Zip into Your Favorite Hummus Dip with These Simple Culinary Tips

Garlic hummus

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love all the different types of hummus out there. Roasted red pepper hummus? Spread that sweet, savory dip onto a wrap with some cheese and I’ve died and gone to heaven. Going for a more traditional meal with toasted pita chips, fresh vegetables, and a bowl of simple hummus in the center? I’m there. In short, I love every type of hummus and all the different recipes with hummus there are in the world.

That’s not to say I don’t have favorites. Without a doubt, the types of hummus I love the most are the spicy kind. Spicy hummus dip goes great with just about anything, whether you’re talking about fried eggs in the morning or tortilla chips while you’re watching the big game. Here are just a couple of the spicy hummus varieties I like best.

Three Flaming Hot Ideas for Spicy Hummus Dip

  1. Roasted Garlic Hummus Dip with a Bit of Pep
  2. I first came across this idea on the home cooking website Food.com. You can either make your own homemade hummus from an easy hummus recipe, or you can simply combine your favorite fresh chiles with store bought roasted garlic hummus to make a dip with a lot of flavor that’s fit for many different applications.

  3. Three Chile Hummus the Easy Way
  4. Hummus makes the perfect medium for making a plethora of different flavors shine. This spicy hummus is a case in point. If you can, find a very mild version of hummus; plain or cracked black pepper varieties are perfect for the job. Next, take three different types of chile peppers with different levels of spiciness, finely chop them up, and then add them to your dip. I’d recommend using bell pepper, banana pepper, and jalapeno for the perfect mixture of sweet and spicy chiles.

  5. Get Rid of Those Boring Ol’ Chickpeas
  6. One of the biggest mistakes you can make when trying to make a great hummus is assuming you can only ever use chickpeas as your base. As My Recipes details, you can start off your hummus using equal amounts of soy beans or even white beans. My personal favorite way to make spicy hummus dip is by starting out with a hummus made from black beans. By adding a touch of cumin and diced chiles, I get a finished dish that tastes like black beans and rice of Tex-Mex fame.

What are your favorite versions of spicy hummus dip? How do you like to enjoy your favorite hummus spread? Let us know in the comments below!

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