The Case for Considering a Banquet Venue

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So, you want to have a super unique wedding reception? Maybe in the forest in a big concert venue or on top of a mountain, yea? Do you have any linen expertise? Are you familiar with AV? What about the bar? How will the kegs come in? Are you going to just purchase all the china? Where should your guests park? There are a million and one questions to ask yourself when you take the venue into your own hands and get creative. That’s why, for so many people, a banquet venue is the best way to go.

Banquet halls make planning your wedding – or really an event – a more streamlined process. Receptions halls usually have all the linens, silverware, tables, chairs, food, beverage and staff you could possibly need. They can even recommend a DJ, give feedback about the flow of the evening and put together a menu catered specifically to your requests. For example, 62% of Americans say they prefer meat-based toppings while 38% say they prefer veggies. If you explain to your caterer that you hang with a lot of vegetarians, they will take good care of you. Not to mention, there are more than 600 shapes for pasta. A good caterer can walk you through what makes sense given your wedding’s feel and ambience.

Many caterers have recently seen a preference for healthier choices, with consumers opting for grilled rather than friend items and vegetables rather than starches for sides. These consumers have caused a big shift in what caterers offer and now is a prime time to get the healthiest – yet most delicious – food at your wedding. If you are working with a caterer at a few banquet locations, don’t be shy about asking for pictures or tastings. It’s important to check out how their plating meshes with your ideas, as well as their silverware and their table set up.

The best event locations don’t necessarily offer this kind of “kit for a good reception” feel and you wind up having to do a lot of the leg work. The first time you taste a delicious catering platter at a banquet venue for catering and events could make you feel less guilty for opting for the more convenient option. After all, on your wedding, don’t you want to focus on the celebration rather than the details? More on this.

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