How Eating More Hummus Could Put an End to Cigarette Smoking

Recipes for hummus

Are you looking for a way to justify your obsession and addiction to different types of hummus? Well, now you have the perfect reason.

As Americans begin to become more health conscious, cigarette sales have continued to steadily decline over the past decades. In a classic case of East meets West, Americans have also adopted health practices and foods from other cultures, hummus spreads and dips, the most popular being roasted garlic hummus dip. As a direct result, many farmers are choosing to grow chickpeas instead of tobacco to keep up with the demand oh-so-tasty (and healthy) spicy hummus dips.

Unlike it’s cigarettes, roasted garlic hummus dip is still “in”, and farmers are better able to turn a profit by growing and harvesting chickpeas, the little bean which serves as the main ingredient of hummus. Whoever thought that a small, tasty been could be responsible for potentially ending cigarette smoking?

These recent findings explored by the anti-smoking campaign, truth, have been used in an effort to decrease teen smoking in the U.S., however, the campaign is also promoting the consumption of the dip and recipes with hummus. The campaign materials explain how consuming hummus is not only beneficial for one’s health, but can put an end to tobacco farming and consumption.

Tobacco consumption is still the leading preventable cause of death in U.S. with diet related issues such as heart disease and diabetes coming in a close second. However, the American diet is changing, as health conscious consumers are choosing healthier options over traditional high-calorie American fare.

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