Dining Out in Colorado

Eating out

Colorado is a popular tourist location for several reasons. Its geography is diverse, with snowy mountains, river canyons, and desert areas as well. Because of this diversity there are plenty of things to do: skiing, snowboarding hiking, rock climbing, shopping, or visiting one of the state’s several museums, parks, and zoos.

The state is also becoming even more popular for an additional reason: its places to eat. Colorado houses about 11,000 restaurants in total, with more popping up every year. According to the Colorado Restaurant Association, restaurant sales are expected to be around $9.8 billion this year. The state’s capital, Denver, has its restaurant sales rising at the second fastest rate in the U.S. as of April, 2015.

Dining out in Colorado isn’t just a popular pastime of vacationers and tourists. More and more residents of the state are eating out, in part thanks to the state’s 3.4% increase in disposable income in 2014. In the same year it was estimated that Colorado consumers collectively spent close to $27 million per day on dining out.

If you’re planning a trip to Colorado, a restaurant guide might come in handy, to ensure that you don’t miss out on the best food and drink this state has to offer. There are several ways to acquire a restaurant guide. A cursory online search can yield many results specific to the area you’re traveling to. There are also bound to be brochures in Colorado hotels, shops, and malls. Hotel concierges will also be more than happy to help you find the type of restaurants you’re looking for.

Restaurants in Colorado are as diverse as the state’s geography and activities. More than 75% of these eating establishments are independently owned. If large, familiar restaurant chains are to your liking, there are plenty of these as well, but you’d be mistaken in ignoring the vast variety of eating options this state offers. Whether you prefer Italian restaurants, seafood, Mexican cuisine, or classic American diner eating, Colorado has it all.

So as you plan your next trip, keep in mind all the possibilities Colorado has to offer, not only in terms of activities and sites, but also in terms of dining out. After all, the food is often the most memorable parts of a vacation! Be sure to utilize a restaurant guide to find all the best places, and enjoy.

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