How Hummus Can Help You Stay on Track Towards Your Fitness Goals

Recipes using hummus

If you’re on a health or fitness journey, you know that the nutritional value of food — not just the amount of calories — is an important part of staying on track. As such, every little bit adds up. A sip of soda here, a teaspoon of sugar there, and next thing you know you’ve already gained a few.

Many people are surprised to realize how much fat, sodium, sugar, and empty calories are in some of their favorite condiments. Even if you go to great lengths to prepare a deliciously balanced and healthy meal, the addition of condiment can quickly reduce any nutritional value it had. For example, a grilled black bean burger on a whole grain role is an excellent choice lunch or dinner, especially veggies are piled high on top of it. However, adding mayonnaise — which pure fat and salt — and ketchup — which is pure refined sugar and salt — can quickly turn it into a “cheat meal”.

If only there was a healthy but tasty and flavorful condiment that was versatile enough to be paired with a variety of different foods. You’re in luck because there is!

Hummus dips are an excellent way to add flavor without the added calories, fat, and salt. In fact, hummus spreads taste so good that they can be mistaken for a guilty pleasure. The best part? Hummus nutrition is perfectly balanced with protein, fiber, and antioxidant rich properties of garlic and lemon. There is no such thing as the healthiest brand of hummus because they’re all deliciously healthy. However, you can make the “healthiest brand of hummus” right in the comfort of your own home as well.

Recipes with hummus can bring the whole family together, and are the perfect finger food or condiment for any occasion.

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