The Legendary Properties Of Fennel Pollen

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What would you call the ultimate culinary experience? While it’s easy to attribute that to the tempting chocolate cake slice in your fridge, nowadays that legendary phrase is associated with fennel pollen, a delicious spice originating from Italy thanks to Peggy Knickerbocker. She discovered this plant after a trip to Italy and immediately put it to use in her future dishes. This powerful spice rose in popularity in the 90s and has become a staple in many a Mediterranean restaurant for both its incredible flavor and unique properties, like a high amount of Vitamin C and hefty dose of fiber. Just like how your average spices come from fruit and bark and roots, so does fennel pollen from the fennel flower. Read on to learn more about wild fennel, its amazing health benefits and good pollen recipes.

Forms Of Fennel Pollen

Fennel pollen is fennel in its most unfiltered state and has the most amount of flavor. You can use it in all kinds of dishes (which are especially popular in the Tuscany region of Italy) ranging from roasted meats and fish to flavoring in bread and pesto. Herbs and spices in general have antibacterial and antiviral qualities that can make your delicious meal also a healthy and fulfilling one. If you’re a tea person, try fennel tea — it’s created from fennel seeds and has been known to reducing bloating disorders since ancient times. Never let it be said a culinary experience can’t also be a miracle worker!

Health Benefits

Did you know that herbs in general have rare essential oils that can be used to assist anything from digestive problems to increasing your immune system? Don’t throw out those old spice bottles yet — dried herbs do best during the act of cooking and they last a very long time! These miracle plants can be combined with various oils to create sauces, spreads or just as a flavor booster to any dish. Fennel pollen is also highly aromatic and has a signature smell somewhat different from its taste, so make sure you don’t jump to conclusions before you try it.

A Bonus For Any Kitchen

Fennel pollen is rare as many pollens are unsuitable for cooking due to their bitter or sour tastes and can also be found in many a market, restaurant or your average organic grocery store. Whether you’re going to use the bulb for its vitamins, the seeds for a hot cup of tea or the dill for its cooking properties, you won’t be disappointed with the results. Make this a staple in your kitchen today next time you have guests over or if you want to give your body a boost-your health AND your tongue will thank you for this culinary experience!

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