Mobile Coffee Vans Are Small Businesses with Big Potential

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According to Business Insider, coffee is the second most sought after commodity in the world, surpassed only by crude oil. This should come as no surprise to anyone who’s ever passed a coffee shop at rush hour.

It’s not difficult to see the appeal. Coffee is delicious and loaded with energizing caffeine. As if that weren’t enough, research shows that drinking one to four cups of coffee a day can dramatically reduce the risk of cirrhosis! It looks like coffee mania is here to stay.

As the coffee industry grows, it also changes. Recently, a new kind of coffee shop is spreading worldwide. Say hello to mobile coffee vans.

A coffee van, also known as a mobile cafe, is exactly what it sounds like: a van out of which a vendor sells coffee. It’s a simple idea with huge potential. Mobile coffee vans deliver the exact same products as traditional cafes, but in an almost unlimited range of locations.

As exciting as this is for coffee drinkers, it could be even better for coffee sellers. Mobile coffee vans create a whole new world of opportunities for small business owners. With a traditional coffee shop, vendors must depend on customers to come to them, but in a coffee van, they can go to the customers.

There are already some mobile coffee van franchises, which have even more benefits. By investing in a mobile coffee franchise, entrepreneurs can take advantage of a brand name and seek guidance from the franchise owner on business operations and locations.

Sometimes a simple idea can completely revolutionize an industry. With mobile cafes, the coffee revolution is just beginning.

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