Insulated Tumblers Are an Easy Gift Idea

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Do you need a quick answer to the ubiquitous question, “What gift can I buy this acquaintance/friend I don’t really know that well?” The answer of course is one of the travel tumblers sold pretty much everywhere. At first glance it may seem impersonal, but this is a simple gift that would actually be used.

Insulated tumblers are designed to keep drinks cold or hot for hours, depending on the drinker’s choice of beverage. These double wall tumblers are made of either plastic or stainless steel, meaning there is two layers of material between the liquid inside and the outside air that is working to bring it to room temperature. No one wants tepid coffee in the morning.

Most Americans drink around 2.1 cups of coffee each day, though that number rises with age. Not all of those cups are drunk at home, in comfort from a favorite kitschy mug. Traveling to work with the caffeinated beverage of your choice necessitates unbreakable tumblers. Can you imagine getting to work before the sun rises, before your first sip of coffee or tea, and the cheap mug slips and breaks on the pavement? When giving insulated tumblers as gifts, try to find a durable one that allows for early morning fumbles.

On the subject of conveniences and trying to avoid mishaps, look for insulated tumblers with lids that secure firmly. There will come a day when the recipient of your gift will need to toss that travel tumbler into a messenger bag or knapsack. Even worse then accidentally dropping a mug full of coffee, tea, or water, is having it drip all over important papers and other easily damaged personal items.

Although the insulated tumblers are great for keeping drinks hot, they are even better at keeping cold drinks cold. It is probably better to keep one tumbler for water and another for coffee and tea, to prevent the taste from being overpowering. It is important to keep hydrated throughout the day; eight cups are the minimum recommended by doctors. If you are thirsty, you are pretty much already dehydrated. So keeping a bottle handy is an easy way to make sure you are getting enough fluids.

It is much cheaper to carry a non-disposable bottle of water. Going off the average price of a bottom of water, you would save about $1,400 each year. versus buying bottled water in the daily recommended amount.

When shopping for an insulated tumbler as a gift, keep these things in mind: a secure lid; durable construction, and double-walled construction. A travel tumbler with these features will proclaim it loudly on its packaging to make the selection easier for those last minute gift ideas.

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