How Sanitary Pumps Provide Clean Water Around the Globe

Sanitary drum pump

As more and more attention is being steered towards climate change, there has been a focus on the depletion of natural resources. While oil and minerals are a staple for finding alternative sources of power, one natural resource that directly affects the population is water. Fortunately, environmental consciousness has led to a global effort to provide safe drinking water to regions with little to no access to it.

In order to ensure that water has been purified to the point where it is safe to consume, technologies and mechanisms such as sanitary pumps are used in the process to filter out harmful substances. By removing bacteria and crevices where these germs could build up to dangerous levels, these sanitary drum pumps are essential in providing clean water around the globe.

Because of its scarcity, water is one of the most valuable resources in the world. As high as the demand is now, it is projected to grow from around 4,500 cubic kilometers in 2010, to about 6,350 cubic kilometers by 2030. This is in part due to a rise in population, as well as the expansion of some more rural areas into towns and cities that will need better infrastructure built for running water.

In order to keep up with this increasing demand, there has been a surge in production rates of sanitary pumps. Exports relating to water tech are now worth around $2.7 billion; this will continue to increase along with demand.

With such a strong focus on providing safe water to those who need it, water technologies, such as diaphragm pumps and sanitary pumps, are essential to accomplishing that goal. At this rate, it is estimated that over 90% of the world’s population will have access to improved drinking water sources by 2015. This is an astounding difference from just a few years ago. Reference links.

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