5 Steps To Planning A Magnificent Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

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Outdoor weddings are spectacular and memorable events. About thirty five percent of weddings are outdoors, in fact. The scenery is beautiful and romantic, and the event as a whole will surely be unforgettable. If you want to plan an outdoor wedding ceremony to tie the knot with your special someone, but you aren’t sure how to get started, follow these easy steps:

1. Decide How Many Guests You Will Have

A wedding has an average of 136 guests, but you can make your wedding bigger or smaller. It’s completely up to you. Decide how many people you want to invite, and then estimate what you headcount will probably be, assuming that not everyone you invite will end up coming. The number of guests you have will influence the location that you choose.

2. Choose a Location

Once you know how many guests you plan to have, you can then choose a venue. You might want to find an outdoor space that is dedicated specifically to weddings, or choose a space like a park or a beach and make it into your wedding location. If you are choosing a beach or a park wedding, find out whether you need to get special permission in the form of a permit in order to have a wedding there.

3. Rent Supplies

Once you choose a location and a date for your wedding, you might need to think about renting supplies. A designated outdoor wedding space will probably already have chairs, but if you choose to have a beach or park wedding, you will probably need to rent chairs for your guests to sit on. You might also want to rent a tent, to prepare for the possibility of rain. There are plenty of companies that you can rent chairs and tents from.

4. Decide On Decorations

Because you are having an outdoor wedding, you may not need decorations. But they can be a nice touch. You might want to roll out a carpet to serve as the aisle for the wedding. Perhaps you want to have an arch for the bride and groom to stand underneath. You may also want to set up a podium with a guest book that your guests can sign.

5. Add The Finishing Touches

Decide on a wardrobe for the wedding party. You might want to choose a color theme, but this isn’t necessary.

Decide what music you want to play during the ceremony, and how the procession will go. You can make it traditional, or modern. All the decisions are up to you!

And that includes how you want to say your vows. You can go with the pre-written vows of a traditional wedding ceremony of your religion, or you can write your own vows. The most important thing is that you are happy with the way your wedding ceremony goes.

The best part of planning a wedding is that there are no rules you have to follow. You can plan your wedding any way you want to. An outdoor wedding ceremony is a beautiful option for your special day, and it’s easy to rent chairs, and anything else you need for it.

So have fun, and good luck!

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