Cookies Are the International Answer for the Sweet Tooth

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In the year 2013, the chocolate chip cookie turned 75 years old. Few things continue to be as well loved at 75 years of age. Americans, and surely many around the world, love a good tasting cookie. Cookies are just the right size. They can be held in the hand, or maybe two hands if you?ve got a good sized sweet tooth. They are also just perfect to give as simple gifts, made fresh for guests or presented in gift boxes for extra special occasions. Come to think of it, gift boxes full of cookies are perfect for any occasion.
Cookies of all kinds have very special histories, from Europe and Asia to Africa, America and beyond. As far as the chocolate chip cookie is concerned, historians believed they have traced the creation of this American classic to a woman named Ruth Wakefield, and for over 75 years, we?ve been clamoring for more and more.
Chocolate chip cookies are not the only kind of cookie you might find if you receive gift boxes full of treats. Cookie gift baskets might contain all manner of goodies ranging from lemon bars to sugar cookies to peanut butter cookies to whatever you can imagine. Cookie recipes can be as unique as the baker that bakes them.
Culinary historians believe the earliest record of cookies is as test cakes. Bakers would use a small amount of batter to test the temperature of the oven. Those little test cakes couldn?t go to waste, could they? Thus, the cookie was born. The name cookie comes from the Dutch word keokje, which means little cake, and that is where the most famous of little cakes got its big break.
Cookie flavors developed over the years as the flavors of cakes did as well. Also, as baking methods developed, different types of cookies were introduced to the world. For example, bakers found that if they melt the butter instead of using it at room temperature, they will end up with a softer, chewier cookie. Cookies can baked in many different ways. They can be molded, dropped, pressed, refrigerated, barred and rolled. Basically, any which way you want your cookies, a baker can find a way to make it happen.
In today?s world, cookies can be made right at home for casual consumption or for special occasions like wedding receptions or unique corporate gifts, and wedding cookies are an industry all their own. You can easily find gluten free cookies, flour free cookies and gourmet cookies for delivery simply by logging on to the Internet.
Cookies have a special place in the hearts of virtually everyone around the world. No matter where you go you?re likely to find quite a few people who?d love to eat something sweet. We treasure our cookies. We give them as gifts, consume them as comfort food and even leave them for Santa on Christmas Eve. Enjoy your cookies, but always remember, a shared cookie always tastes the best.

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