A Custom Ice Cream Experience

Paper ice cream cup

Ice cream is one of those things every American is familiar with. On average people will enjoy ice cream about 29 times each year in the United States. Research indicates that in any two-week span, 40 percent of Americans are eating ice cream and that up to 90 percent of U.S. households are enjoying a frozen dessert regularly. It?s safe to say most people love ice cream. Because consumers are so familiar with the ice cream industry, it can be difficult to find new and exciting ways to entice consumers to come in for a treat. Some shops rely on the popularity of ice cream to bring customers back, but to facilitate growth more is needed.

Custom Ice Cream Containers

One way to grow your business is to offer consumers the option of taking ice cream home to enjoy later. This is easily accomplished at a grocery store, where customers can buy gallons of ice cream at a time. Show your clients how easy it is to have their favorite treat from your shop for a late night snack, celebration, or special occasion. Custom ice cream containers allow them to take larger portions home but they also provide advertising.

When your clients take their ice cream to functions, such as a birthday party, retirement party, or family reunion, they are sharing their preference for your store with their friends and family. This is a powerful advertising opportunity as it provides and implicit recommendation. If someone thinks highly enough of an establishment to make a special purchase for an event, they are effectively urging their friends to do the same.

Custom Printed Ice Cream Cups

Custom printed ice cream cups offer a similar opportunity. While many people will enjoy their frozen treat in the comfort of the shop, others will take it with them. A nondescript ice cream cup might create a longing for ice cream in those who happen to see it, but it won?t be targeted to an individual brand or shop. Without direction, the onlookers will gravitate towards whatever happens to be most familiar to them as individuals.

The custom cup has the potential to direct prospective customers towards a specific brand. This is why companies pay large sums of advertising dollars to have a bottle, shirt, or other product prominently featured in television shows, movies, and even music videos. People want what they see, so make sure they are seeing your brand.

Advertising is not simply a catchy slogan, print ads, or even an awesome website. One of the most effective methods of advertising is by word of mouth or personal endorsement. While your customers may not think to tell all of their friends, family, and acquaintances about their favorite ice cream shop, you can help their actions speak for them. By putting your ice cream in custom containers and cups, customers will be advertising for you by simply enjoying and sharing their favorite treat.

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