4 Reasons You Need a Professional Chocolate Supplier

Chocolate wholesale bulk

Did you know that you can order organic, GMO Free, Kosher certified AND rainforest friendly gourmet chocolate? And on top of that at WHOLESALE prices?! Me neither, until today. If you are a conscious consumer, you are probably already hooked (You had me at “organic”, right?). Wholesale gourmet chocolate from a professional chocolate supplier can also be used for bakers, small business chocolatiers, and organizations that do bake sales and can appreciate organic Pareve chocolate.

The love of chocolate is universal. Europeans each eat an average of 24 pounds of chocolate a year. The United States is the world leader of chocolate imports. It is estimated that the world consumes at least 7.2 million tons of chocolate every year! More than 90 million pounds of chocolate are bought for Halloween. Most importantly, 75% of chocolate is purchased by men to give to women (so romance is not dead).

So now that we know we can get gourmet chocolate at wholesale prices, what should we do with it? There’s at least four things we can do:

  • Eat it! When you can get worry-free chocolate for cheap of course you want to verify that it is indeed gourmet by tasting it. Whether you love white chocolate, or dark chocolate, or chocolate truffles, you can buy enough from a wholesale chocolate supplier to last you a long time or share with friends, or as gifts! The possibilities are endless but mostly we just want to eat the chocolate.

  • Bake with it. Another good choice. From gourmet chocolates come gourmet chocolate cakes or cookies or muffins or brownies (mmm, brownies). A professional chocolate supplier definitely has gourmet baking chocolate. If you are a baker you can save a lot of money (and therefore increase your profits) if you use a wholesale chocolate supplier.

  • Become a chocolatier. For the entrepreneurs out there, if you want to create your own yummy treats, using a professional chocolate supplier will let you try out designs and tastes without breaking the bank. You’ll be able to hold taste tests at investment meetings without worrying about dipping into your hard-earned savings. You’ll be able to open up shop as soon as you can because you will already have a working relationship with a professional chocolate supplier.

  • Hold no-fuss bake sales! If you are in a recreational organization, a club or a church, wholesale gourmet chocolate can provide a way to liven up that summer bake sale that is cost-effective. You can even run baking lessons with the local community with the conveniently priced chocolate.

So those were just four ideas for ways we can use chocolate provided at wholesale prices by a professional supplier. We can also do it the simple way and melt it down to dip various items into it (strawberries, bananas, marshmallows). So many choices, and all of them worry-free. If your appetite for chocolate was bigger than your budget for it, a wholesale supplier might just be the answer you were looking for.

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