Important Marketing Tips for a New Ice Cream Business

Plastic tasting spoon

There are some business markets that are extremely difficult to break into. They are industries that are over populated and that large businesses have already gained dominance in. The ice cream market is one of these. When you are shopping for ice cream products, it is likely that you have your few preferred brands. You may not even pay attention to other brands that you have never heard of before. However, with the right amount of planning, marketing, and detailing, you can encourage shoppers to consider your brand, in an attempt at becoming their new preferred ice cream brand.

Create appealing and engaging containers Consumers pay attention to the labeling of the products they purchase. When they are met with a large cooler of hundreds of ice cream options, they are likely to drift toward the one that catches their eye first. This may be the most colorful one or the one with the most interested shape of container. Focus groups can be helpful in determining which colors and shapes best catch consumers attention.

Once you are able to draw your potential consumer to your product, you then need to keep their attention. This might involve listing the healthy ingredients on the container or advertising the large amount of candy toppings that are included. It might also include providing free items in the box, such as tasting spoons. You need to give your consumer a reason to purchase your product over another brand. In any given two week period, according to research by NPD Group, 40% of Americans will eat ice cream. Attempt to capture a small percentage of that group.

Be careful of pricing points Consumers are not likely to try your ice cream brand if it is much more expensive than a brand they already know they enjoy. You will want to price your product at a lower price point. In order to make a profit on your products, this might require you to cut costs somewhere else. You may have to get your frozen yogurt cups wholesale or pay less for packaging. You could even cut costs on tasting spoons. You never want to, however, reduce the quality of your product.

If you can attract enough customers to try your product and they enjoy it, you can later increase your prices. At this point, they are already aware of the product and are more likely to spend a little more for it. You can also increase the quality of your supplies here, including improving the overall quality of the tasting spoons or by providing colored spoons to appeal to young children.

Consider normal flavors at first Customers are less likely to try odd or unique flavors at initial recognition of the brand. Even if you decide to offer ice cream and gelato supplies that are more unique, be sure to cater to your general population with vanilla flavors. According to a recent survey of International Ice Cream Association member companies, vanilla remains the most popular flavor among their consumers at 28%.

Provide coupons and discounts during off months Although many Americans consume ice cream on a regular basis, the sales of ice cream do decline during the cold, winter months. June is the month that the most ice cream is produced. Offering your customers with coupons or incentives during the slower months can entice them to continue buying your product, even in the slow months.

Providing incentives to customers does not always have to come in the form of monetary discounts. You can include more product for the same price. You could also include high quality tasting spoons or gelato supplies with your ice cream product. Another great option is to offer coupons on future purchases, requiring them to purchase before receiving a discount on a later purchased item.

Some companies are so large that it makes it difficult for a new producer to break into the market. The current ice cream market is powered by a few popular suppliers. A new ice cream company that wants to be competitive in the market needs to find ways to appeal to customers who already have a recognized brand. However, with enough planning and marketing, it is possible.

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