What Are Micro Greens and What Are They Used For?

The art of crystallized flowers

Organic micro greens are gaining popularity in kitchens all across the globe. From novice home cooks to famous chefs, everyone is using these tiny toppings to add big flavor and pizazz to all kinds of dishes.

What are micro greens?

There are many micro green varieties, but all are plants harvested at a young age. They are typically planted in soil or soil substitutes and grown for four to six weeks. Some are ready in only one or two weeks! Because their lives are so short and their harvesting time must be so precise, most micro green varieties are actually quite difficult to grow.

What are micro greens used for?

There are a number of creative and delicious ways to use these tiny plants. Here are a few:

  1. Toppings

    One of the more common uses for micro greens are as fresh toppings on classic dishes. A light sprinkling of this specialty produce on a boring cheese pizza can add a boost of flavor and novelty. Many chefs choose to add micro greens to other dishes as well, including pasta and meat entrees.
  2. Salads

    Adding microgreens to salads is another great application for these tiny plants we love so much. They provide additional nutritional value to already healthy salads, and blend in well with all the other veggies, fruits, and cheeses. Substituting standard sized greens like lettuce or spinach with microgreens is a great way to add some variety.
  3. Craft Cocktails

    As the craft cocktail movement grows, bartenders or ?mixologists? are getting really creative with their ingredients and drink presentation. Adding some edible flowers or micro greens to top off a fancy cocktail enhances the appearance of the beverage and adds some unique flavor.

If you?re looking to add freshness and flavor to your favorite foods or beverages, consider topping them off with some delicious micro greens. They say good things come in small packages, and with micro greens, you certainly won?t be disappointed.

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