5 Reasons to Consider Plastic Packaging for Your Food Products

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If you own or manage a company that is involved in food production, you have a decent number of options for your packaging. Food packaging machines can be used with all of the different kinds of packaging so your options are wide open. While plastics have fallen out of favor with a number of people, there are a lot of great reasons to use this material for the packaging of food.

  1. Plastic packaging is better for the environment than you may think. One of the reasons that people frown on plastics is that they think it is bad for the environment. The truth is that its use can be a good thing for people and companies who want to reduce their carbon footprint. In the first place, you can move more with less when you use plastics. You would need three pounds of aluminum, eight pounds of steel and 40 pounds of glass to move the same amount of liquid that can be moved by plastic packaging that weighs just two pounds. Every year, tons of food is sent to landfills. It has been estimated that at least 1.7 pounds of food waste is prevented for every pound of plastic packaging that is used. Moreover, plastics can be recycled. At least 60% of people in the United States can recycle their plastic products.
  2. Your food will last longer. When you use your food packaging machine with plastic packaging, your food will have a longer shelf life. The main goal of any packaging is to get a product from the plant to the shop in the right condition. If your food products spoil before they arrive at the homes of the consumers who bought them, it can have disastrous results. Food poisoning is a big problem in the United States. At least 48 million Americans, or one in six, are sickened every year from foodborne illnesses. During any 12 month period, 128,000 of those people are sent to the hospital from this problem and at least three thousand are killed. This makes using plastic packaging attractive to keeping food from going bad.
  3. It it hard to damage plastic packaging. Plastic packaging is much more flexible than other kinds of packaging. It is certainly more flexible than glass and is less likely to burst like aluminum. Again, your packaging needs to get your products from the warehouse to the shelf in one piece. You will have a much better chance of having that happen when you use plastic packaging for your products. Plastic pouches, for instance, can be very hard to break or burst open when they are going from the warehouse to the store.
  4. Plastic packaging can inhibit contaminants. There are several properties that are associated with plastic that prevents the growth of many contaminants. At the same time, the nutrients that you want in your food are maintained when you use this kind of packaging. Unlike other kinds of packaging, plastic packaging is air tight. That greatly reduces the chances that food and beverage products can be contaminated. From the time it goes through the food packaging machine to when it is opened by a consumed, it has no chance to be in contact with the air making it much safer to consume.
  5. You can get the exact size that you want. Plastic is a very versatile and flexible material. You can use pouches with pre made pouch filling machines that are deigned and manufactured to be a variety of sizes to meet you specific needs and requirements. Because there are a number of options for the size and the shape of the plastic packaging, you can also design packaging to make it easier to market your products. You can make your items really stand out on the store shelves. You can really be more creative when it comes to the way your items look once they are in their packaging. You can do a lot more in terms of your marketing campaigns with the use of plastic packaging.

The right packaging can make a big difference in how well your products are viewed by consumers. By pairing the right food packaging machine and the right packaging, your products will stand out.

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