Fun Facts about Your Favorite Pub Offerings

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Pubs have become one of the most popular eateries to visit. Whether you are planning a wonderful dinner or drinks with friends, a pub is where to eat. One important aspect of determining where to eat is what the pub has on their menu. There are three menu items that are especially well-known in most pubs. In this post, you will learn more about what customers said they look for in these items, do they match up with your preferences?

  1. Burgers: The hamburger is one of the most loved dishes a pub offers. There was a report done in 2009 asking customer what they look for in pub items. The data showed that about 75 percent of burger fanatics rank meat quality as the first or second most important part of a burger.

    However, there was another very important concern for burgers fans, the toppings. This same survey showed that 42 percent of those asked found toppings to be the most important aspect of a burger. Having a great burger is important since adults in the United States eat burgers 4.3 times every month, which is almost twice a week.

  2. Craft Beers: There is quite nothing like washing down a burger with a nice craft beer. These beers are typically made by smaller breweries. The customization options smaller breweries have means more variety for the consumer, especially in a craft beer pub. Recent research shows that 41 percent of those that drink in the United States prefer beer, followed by 31 percent choosing wine, and 23 percent choosing liquor.

    It is estimated that 93 percent of imported beer drinkers choose discovery of new beers as their main reason for choosing an import. Data collected in 2014 shows that 48 percent of adults who ranged in age from 18 to 34 preferred beer to other alcoholic beverages.

  3. Buffalo Wings: Wings are very close to burgers, in terms of pub popularity. Did you know that these wings were actually created by complete accident? It is said buffalo wings were invented because of an incorrect food order. These foods are usually prepared with a wide variety of sauces.

    Common wing sauces include buffalo, barbecue, and hotter sauces. Wings are often utilized in national eating contests. The current world record for largest number of wings consumed is 444 in only 26 minutes! If you have never had wings before, be prepared to have napkins ready!

In conclusion, people look for a wide variety of qualities in their pub food. Many choose where to eat based on food items that are offered. Pubs are great new places for dinner because they usually have a wide variety of menu items. The most important aspect for most burger lovers is the quality of the meat. A growing number of young adults are preferring craft beers to the more mainstream options. Buffalo wings may have been the result of an incorrect order. However, their popularity is a great outcome of such an accident.

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