Here’s Why Every Business Should be Using Wholesale Paper Coffee Cups


Given the current popularity of disposable food packaging and utensils, it’s hard to believe that there was a time when they were considered improper or even tacky in some circumstances. Once a upon a time, guests would be offended if the host provided paper cups and plastic dinnerware! Fast forward to today, and disposable utensils are perfectly acceptable and even preferred in many cases.

Although disposable cups and utensils are great for busy homes, they’re also excellent for businesses. Here’s why every business should be using wholesale paper coffee cups, paper soup cups, and disposable silverware.

It’s really convenient

Wholesale paper coffee cups are well known for their convenience. They’re lightweight, easy to carry, and durable enough to tote around. Dirty dishes can pile up quickly in a busy office, even if a dishwasher is available. These messes are not only unsightly and in some cases somewhat unprofessional, but they often lead to squabbles among employees. Because wholesale paper coffee cups are disposable, there’s no need for clean up ? both literally and metaphorically.

They’re better for you

Did you know that eating or drink hot foods and liquids out of styrofoam is potentially harmful? The extreme heat of hot foods and liquids can cause toxic chemicals within the styrofoam to break down and seep into the food or beverage, where it will then be consumed. Wholesale paper coffee cups are made from natural, non-toxic materials and pose no potential health threats to consumers. They’re made to safely withstand temperature extremes and are great alternative to styrofoam.


While it may not seem like wholesale paper coffee cups are eco-friendly, they’re far more sustainable compared to disposable plastic cups and dinnerware. Unlike plastic, wholesale paper coffee cups are biodegradable and will easily decompose and breakdown over time. Although plastic can be recycled, plastic cups and utensils are rarely recycled and are often thrown away. Furthermore, plastics and styrofoam are petroleum byproducts and the manufacturing process takes a great toll on the environment. On the other hand, there are a number of eco-friendly brands they offer a variety of environmentally responsible disposable paper products such as wholesale paper coffee cups, many of which are made from recycled material.

Last but not least, it’s important to note that wholesale paper coffee cups are cost effective. The cost of keeping an office kitchen or pantry stocked with wooden coffee stirrers, silverware, plates, and coffee cups can add up over time. Buying these items at wholesale prices is a great way for business to save money on common creature comforts while doing so in a way that’s environmentally responsible.

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