9 Reasons to Eat More Pecans

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There are a lot reasons to make nuts a part of your diet. By eating two servings of different types of nuts every day, you can lower your risk for cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes. This is according to research done by Harvard University. Pecans, in particular, are very healthy. People do not often realize that pecans good for you.

  1. Pecans have more antioxidants than all other nuts. This is one of the best pecan benefits. When you eat a serving of pecans, you get a ton of the vitamins and minerals that you need such as selenium, zinc, iron, manganese, calcium an d potassium, according to the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.
  2. Pecans are great for your heart. Helping promote heart health is one of the main reasons pecans good for you. Because these nuts are high in oleic acid, they are great for lowering your risk of developing heart disease. They are also chock full of phenolic antioxidants. These substances can also help you lower your bad cholesterol levels while increasing the good cholesterol in your system.
  3. You can lose weight when you eat pecans. Eating nuts can be a real boost to the metabolism. One way pecans healthy for you is that they have a lot of B vitamins, which can boost your metabolism. They can also make you feel full sooner and that will help you keep you from eating too much.
  4. They have tons of fiber. There are a lot of people in the United States who have problems with their digestive systems that are caused by not getting enough fiber in their system. Pecans have tons of fiber and can help people regulate their digestive systems.
  5. You may be able to prevent cancer by eating pecans. There are substances in pecans that can protect your DNA from mutation, which can then lead to cancer. One such substance is ellagic acid. This keeps your DNA from connecting to some carcinogens that are very common. This is a great way pecans good for you. New research shows that oleic acid can prevent breast cancer. Because of the fiber content, eating pecans can lower your risk for colon cancer as well.
  6. Pecans can help with your joints. Few people realize that one way pecans good for you is their ability to help reduce inflammation. These nuts have a ton of magnesium, which is a great, natural anti-inflammatory agent. This can do a lot to help ease the pain associated with arthritis. It also means you are at a lower risk for developing heart disease, clogged arteries and Alzheimer’s disease.
  7. You can have a better immune system when you eat more pecans. Manganese is very important to the functioning of your immune system. A strong immune system can help keep people from getting infections and other diseases. It also helps the brain work better.
  8. Pecans can give you better skin and make you look younger. Many people suffer a host of skin problems because of the toxins in their body. The fiber content alone can help people expel these toxins and the result is better, clearer skin. At the same time, these nuts have zinc and vitamin A. Both of these are great for the health of the skin. In addition to the vitamin A, pecans have lots of vitamin E. The vitamins A and E and ellagic acid help prevent premature pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.
  9. Pecans can give you great hair. Many people lose their hair because they do not get enough iron into their blood. Pecans are full of iron so that can be prevented by eating more of these nuts. In addition to that, pecans have a lot of the amino acid L-arginine. This can promote the growth of new, healthy, thick hair. People have used L-arginine in topical creams for this purpose but it can also work when ingested.

Adding nuts and seeds to your diet can do a lot to help promote a healthier lifestyle. In keeping with that, there are a lot of data regarding the nutritional value of nuts. Many experts recommend people eat all kinds of nuts when they are trying to lose weight because nuts provide healthy protein. Not only are pecans great tasting, they are really great for you.

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