5 Different Types of Frozen Desserts

Ice cream containers

For many years, ice cream has been an essential tasty treat for birthday parties and family gatherings. It also serves a perfect dessert that concludes the main meal. A study by the International Ice Cream Association indicates that about 90% of U.S household regularly enjoy some sweet, frozen treat. Another research suggests that the average American consumes ice cream 28.5 times in a year. But never, has market been flooded with so many ice cream varieties. Here are few common types of ice creams that suit every taste.

Ordinary Ice Cream
Also referred to as hard ice cream, this is a traditional recipe and regular type of frozen treat made with 10% milk fat, sugar, cream, eggs and sweeteners such as fruits, chocolate, vanilla and many other toppings. To achieve that mild light and fluffy texture in an ice cream, ensure you use at least 10% milkfat and 20% cream. Also, have the mixture frozen between -10 and -18 degree Celsius as that’s the ideal freezing temperature for most ice cream components. The texture is perfect for different types of ice cream cups and cones.

Soft Ice Cream
Soft serve is another type of frozen treat that features the same ingredients as regular ice cream. Typically, it has less milkfat than ice cream and a has a lot of air in it to achieve its fluffy texture. The freezing temperature in soft serves is often high than in hard ice creams. This is what makes the texture smooth, creamy and soft.

French Style Frozen Yogurt
The process of making frozen yogurt is quite similar to ice cream, but now the main ingredients used are egg and cream. The custard base is then formed by adding other ingredients like sweeteners, stabilizers and other flavorings. Frozen yogurt is widely consumed in France, but it also has fans all over the world, and it’s best-served in ice cream cups.

This one is made using more milk and less cream, hence low fat composition. As such, it’s best-served at high temperature than regular ice cream to ensure a dense and creamy texture. Gelato also uses similar ingredients you’d normally find in most of these frozen treats but its rich in flavor and has less air.

Gluten or Lactose Free Ice Cream
Most of the ingredients such as stabilizers added in ice cream production gluten or lactose, which may cause allergic reactions in some people. Fortunately, there are brands of ice cream that are made specifically for people who have problems digesting gluten or lactose. Next time you are looking for ice cream, ensure the package reads “gluten or lactose-free”.

Contains at least 1% fat per serving with its primary ingredients being fruits. Other ingredients include milk, sugar, egg whites, and other flavorings such as raspberry, lemon, lime pineapple, and orange. That’s why sherbet is considered slightly sweeter than traditional ice cream.

Although these are perhaps the main types of ice cream, there are other kinds of frozen dessert like organic and sorbet ice cream. Whichever way it’s served whether it’s in ice cream cups. sticks, cones, cakes or buckets, be sure to enjoy your summer treat like never before.

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