Getting the Right Water for the Day

Water is essential for human life as well as most everyday functions, everything from showers and baths to doing dishes, washing laundry, to swimming pools and other commercial uses, and of course any home, town, or city needs the cleanest and most accessible water possible. On a smaller scale, a person can get their drinking water from a variety of sources during their everyday life, such as the faucets at home or a water cooler service at their workplace. In fact, an office water cooler can be found at nearly any workplace, and many offices will contact an office water service to get one installed or to replace their current one with a newer one. And water coolers are not limited to the office; a water cooler for home use may be very desirable, if the homeowner has very particular needs for the quality of water that they receive. A water cooler for home use may also be important if there are issues with the local water utility or a private well, and an advanced filtration system in a water cooler for home service can help with this. What is more, if water hardness becomes a problem for a home or neighborhood, a person can get a water cooler for home use while waiting for service crews to install a water filter for the home’s own plumbing.

Water Today

This liquid is more essential than ever. The human body is about 60% water, and even a slight imbalance in this can lead to dehydration or worse health effects. Adult women are urged to consume eight glasses of water per day, and men should have a similar amount. In fact, the average American today is drinking 38% more water than they did 15 years ago, which is great for health, but means that all this water should be pure and filtered well before drinking more than ever. And water hardness is also a widespread issue across the United States, with about 80% of the nation dealing with hard water. Just what is water hardness, and why is it a problem? Water hardness describes when water has a high enough concentration of dissolved calcium or magnesium particles in it, and hard water can affect a whole house. Hard water will irritate the scalp and hair of anyone who bathes in it, and hard water also leaves undesired dry white spots of calcium on dishes and it will make clothes stiff after being washed in it. Other issues may arise in a home’s plumbing, such as too many bacteria or microscopic parasites if a local water filtration system is not working well. A water cooler for home use can help with this until local utilities are fixed.

For the office, a water cooler will always be a popular item for use, and any thirsty worker may visit it to get a quick drink of cool, very pure water. Once the office invests in a water cooler, it will continue buying new jugs of water to put in it to keep up the water supply, and this may be a relief in summer or in hot parts of the country such as Texas or New Mexico. For the home, meanwhile, a homeowner may not like the idea of drinking tap water, or worse, the local utility may be compromised, and in either case, a water cooler for home use may be preferred, and many different models can be found among retailers and brought right into the home. As long as the owner pays for new jugs of water to put in it, they will always have access to clean water to drink.

A person suffering hard water in the home can ask professional crews to install a water filter to deal with this. A filter for hard water will make use of electrically charged metal beads that attract the dissolved magnesium and calcium atoms to its surface, and once a bead is saturated, it will scrub itself clean in a side tank’s salts and then resume its work. Once a homeowner diagnoses a case of hard water such as when their skin gets irritated after a shower or spots of dried calcium appear on dishes, they can get a filter for the home’s plumbing.

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