Why Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice is Important to Have at Your Restaurant

If you run a restaurant or juice bar, you know how important it is to ensure customers have quality, fresh-squeezed juice. A sugarcane juice machine can make a difference in the quality of product that customers experience. In 2015 alone, Americans had over 6 gallons of juices per capita. But is there a reason that you should choose a machine that produces fresh-squeezed orange juice? Learn more and see how it makes a difference in both taste and quality.

The Difference in Taste is Noticeable When Choosing Fresh Fruit Juice Over Boxed

Many people notice a difference in the juice that has been processed with sugarcane juice machines rather than juice that is boxed. That’s because the juice is fresh and made right away, normally just before serving. We all know a quality product means the customer will return again to purchase more. A quality product ensures customers will love the taste and want to return and sample more. If you’re getting orange juice from a box for your restaurant or juice bar, it’s time to make a change and try something different for better taste.

It’s Necessary if You’re Opening a Juice Bar

One reason why people visit juice bars is for the taste and having something that isn’t processed. If you’ve always wondered how to start a juice bar, know that getting a juice machine is not optional. If you want to bring people back and boast that your juice bar offers fresh-squeezed juice for every drink, make a point to get a sugarcane juicer machine and see the difference.

It’s a Healthier Option for Folks to take Advantage Of

Eating healthy is hard for a lot of people. Most Americans don’t get the suggested serving of several cups of fruits and veggies every day. When you offer these options to people in the form of juice, you’re able to have a positive influence on their habits and get them on the road to a healthy life. If you want to add something healthy to your menu, make fresh-squeezed juice a choice that everyone can take advantage of.

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