The Benefits of Using Reclaimed Wood for Home and Business Furnishings

Since 1900, over three trillion board feet of lumber has been milled within the United States. While most of this lumber has been put to use building homes and other structures, there is a considerable amount of waste in the construction industry. Currently, construction and demolition waste consists of about 20% to 30% wood. Given that it takes most hardwood trees approximately 40 to 60 years to reach their full maturity, it’s important to recycle existing lumber by reclaiming and otherwise recycling it. In 2015, for example, 2.7 million tons of wood pallets alone were recycled.

The Benefits of Using Reclaimed Wood

Pinterest has more than 14 billion pins on home decorating ideas alone. Farmhouse-style home design, for instance, has grown in popularity. In 2018, there was a 131% increase in keyword searches for this type of decor, such as “herringbone wood patterns.”

Reclaimed wood furnishings have a distinctive rustic appearance, which is one of the reasons why they are so popular. Even though many people may choose to decorate in this style because of the wood’s appearance, others do so because they’re environmentally-conscious. In addition to table tops, reclaimed wood can be used for bookshelves, cabinets, paneling, siding, and other purposes.

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Since you may also be interested in decorating your home in the farmhouse-style with rustic furniture, a reclaimed wood table top is likely at the top of your list. These environmentally-friendly tables are available in different shapes and sizes, including round ones. In addition to including a reclaimed wood table top in your kitchen, breakfast nook, or dining room, you may be looking for seating arrangements. Ladder back chairs are a good choice because they are available in both wood and classic steel.

After you’ve explored these and other decorating ideas, just imagine how much you’ll enjoy bringing your vision into being! It’s interesting to note that reclaimed wood furniture is being seen at more and more cafes and restaurants. Remember that when you choose reclaimed wood furnishings for your home or business, you’re making a positive impact on the environment as well.

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