Is Your Restaurant In Need Of A Brand New Look

Recently in the business of re doing the inside of your restaurant, or are you considering giving your place of business a whole new look? Before you decide to go with the same generic table and chairs that every other restaurant uses why not look into a natural reclaimed wood product that not only brings your restaurant into a new look but is also eco friendly and up to date as well. If you’ve never considered reclaimed wood perhaps it is time to do a bit of research to find out if this is the new look you want to give your business.

Wood is a very common waste piece. 20 to 30% of the waste when it comes to construction sites are due to wood. This is where the chance to get to use reclaimed wood as reclaimed wood table top options and restaurant table tops. With this type of wood being used in your restaurant you’re not only helping the environment but you are also giving your restaurant a material to work with that will last longer than those metal tables that you might have been using before. Help use those 2.7 million pallets that are thrown out every year without being used for other materials.

All of these natural reclaimed wood product tables can be treated to be the color that you want for your restaurant. Don’t think for a second that these reclaimed wood tables have to stay the shade that they were originally, instead things like sandstone tint are possible to give your new wood tables a brand new individual and unique look for your restaurant and for you and your guests to both enjoy over the years. If you want that aged wood coloring than it can be yours simply without having to worry about all wooden pieces in your restaurant turning out exactly the same.

Rustic furniture has been on the rise now for years, dominating pinterest with their photos of what your restaurant could look like given the chance. If you find any of these things tempting than it is time to re do the inside of your restaurants and make them look exactly as you’ve seen them in your head. With those reclaimed wood restaurant table tops and that rustic feel that’s going to make your restaurant something that everyone wants to take photos in and of. Who knows, your restaurant could be the next thing to end up on someone else’s vision board.

Before you re do your restaurant consider using natural reclaimed wood product tables and chairs within your restaurant. Making the inside of your business something that you love will help you to show it off and be proud of not only the items that come out of the kitchen to your guests but also to area where your guests are sitting and eating as well. Make your business exactly what you’ve always wanted out of it, make it something that you can be proud of. Invest into what you put into your restaurant and go eco friendly while you’re at it as well.

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