Ultimate Guide for Making Candy Bar Buffet for Your Wedding

Are you planning a candy buffet for your wedding? Well, a do it yourself candy bar will add fun and elegance to your wedding. Every year, Americans consume 2.8 pounds of candy. The good news is that you can easily do a wedding buffet on your own. However, you need a lot of planning to pull off an amazing display of treats that are not only sweet but satisfying.

With an array of choices out there, choosing the best chewy candies can be overwhelming. This guide will help you make the best selection of old fashioned candy wholesale for an eye-catching buffet that your guests can enjoy.

Choose a suitable candy bar Location

First, decide on the location of the buffet. Candy buffet should be accessible and close to other food tables and desserts. There should be enough space for free-flowing traffic. Another key element is deciding the shape of the table. If you want to place the candy buffet against a wall, you will want rectangular table. A round table is an ideal choice if you want the guests to choose candy from all sides.

Another consideration is deciding how long you want to serve candy. Some people choose to serve candies throughout the party while others serve partly in the evening. If your guest starts having chewy candies too early into the party, you will find your candy depleted before the end of the evening. You will want to hold off until end of dinner or after reception.

How Much Candy Do You Need?

The central point of your DIY wedding candy bar is the candy itself. So, you need to carefully prepare and determine the suitable amount of chewy candy suitable for your guests. You do not want to have too little or too much candy that will lead to leftovers. The ideal candy amount should range between a quarter to a half-pound. If you want to offer take home candy, then you need an extra candy buffet. Your take away containers determine the amount each guest will have.

Choosing Ideal Candy

When choosing candy for your party, consider your favorite chewy candies. It is that simple. The good thing about do-it-yourself candy bar buffet for wedding party is that it will go with anything. When choosing candy, consider the cost, color, popularity, shape, and size. However, you are not limited to any candy. The following tips will help you narrow down your selection options.


Choose a candy color that match the wedding theme. Candies come in almost all colors, so this should not be a problem. Two or three coordinating color selections will add appealing look. Choose general type colors if you want few colors.

Candy Varieties

Everyone has their own taste of chewy candies. While you should consider your favorite candy first, think about your in-laws, best friend, and parents. It is vital to have a variety of candy. Aim to have between 7 and 10 varieties of different sizes, types, textures, and flavors. Variety enhances a coordinated but contrasting look to keep everyone happy.

Before embarking on a beautiful display of polished candy buffet, determine the theme. You can get a specific theme that is fun-filled or go for general based on color. Variety should also account for allergies by offering sugar-free, gluten-free, and vegan options. The most common types of candy used in the wedding buffet include gummy candy, candy-coated chocolate candies, and lollipops.

Arrangement Ideas

old fashioned candy wholesaleA nice arrangement for a wedding candy bar should have home containers, and empty spaces to place containers while visitors scoop candy. You can consider adding decorations. If you are picking up your old fashioned candy wholesale, you probably will not have packaging included. Lean into the loose candy idea and create a display that brings to mind a candy store. Having bins of the candy with scoops and provided paper bags decorated with your names and the date can create a fun and memorable souvenir.  There’s no need to overspend, by purchasing old fashioned candy wholesale you can create a memorable and cost efficient arrangement for your wedding.

Buying Candies

A lot of mistakes can come up when setting up your buffets. If you want to make your wedding party seamless, you can have a candy store help you put a candy buffet together. Order your bulk personalized candy early. Last minute orders can be affected by a myriad of problems. If you have specific needs, definitely order with plenty of time to spare. Choosing old fashioned candy wholesale means you may be stuck with colors or flavors that you do not want. By ordering several weeks in advance, you can customize your wholesale old fashioned candy order to your tastes.

You should ensure that you have the right type, shape, and the number of jars. The number will be determined by the number of people, size of the display area, and type of candy. Another important thing is to buy the right amount of candy. Most people overbuy candy. You can save yourself some money by buying the right quantity of candy. It may be difficult to order the exact amount of old fashioned candy wholesale you need. But look on the bright side, the very worst thing that can happen is you have to take all that candy home and eat it yourself!

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