Purchasing Wholesale Reefer Trailers

The United States is home to a cast manufacturing industry and many farms, but all those products and foodstuffs need a way to be transported to warehouses and retailers. That is where the carrier industry comes in, and larger carrier companies may have naval ships that can carry many tons of goods around the world by ocean. Meanwhile, some companies offer freight jets that can make fast deliveries, and trains carry many more tons of cargo by rail. In between all this are the many small carrier companies that have semi trucks for clients to use. These semi trucks are much more affordable to purchase and use than trains or jets, and many thousands of trucks are on the road every single day. Many of these trucks make use of generic trailers, though some may have more specialized trailers for certain cargo types. For example, a carrier company’s owner may look for wholesale reefer units to carry cold items for clients, such as for grocery stores. To buy a reefer trailer, such as used Thermo King brand trailers or the like, a carrier should be careful about finding the bes=st used reefer trailer for the job (and price).

The Business of Trailers

Carrier trucks are in high demand, as these trucks are affordable for nearly any shipper client, and they can go to many places that trains or ships cannot. Even smaller carrier companies can afford to purchase a few of them, which may include reefer trailers. But what is a reefer trailer, anyway? For those not aware, both used and new reefer trailers are equipped with air conditioning units that will chill the interior of the trailer, maintaining a low temperature to protect the contents (most often perishable food). These reefer trailers can generate an internal temperature ranging from 70 degrees to -20 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the need of the particular cargo. Most often, these trailers will also have insulation in their walls to maintain that internal temperature. As for size, these reefer trailers may range from 28 to 53 feet long, and the largest ones may be 13.5 feet tall and may weigh as much as 44,000 pounds.

There is quite a demand for wholesale reefer units, and carriers who buy them can take part in a growing industry. Around the world, the demand for these trailers is still growing, and by the year 2022, the market may hit a value of $7 billion or so. In the United States alone, 500,000 of these trucks are in operation, and many more can be found around the globe, too. Often, these trucks may arrive at a warehouse where crews will unload cold items from a freezer, and load them into the truck. That reefer truck may then deliver that cargo to a retailer, such as a grocery store, where dock associates will unload those goods and put them into freezer units in the store’s back rooms. Often, meats, dairy, frozen processed food, and the like will be delivered this way.

Wholesale Reefer Units

It is clear that this industry is here to stay, and a growing carrier company may soon look for some reefer units to purchase and thus expand its shipper client options. When looking for wholesale reefer units for sale, the company owner may look for either new or used trucks, depending on their budget or preference. Newer units are in the best condition, but gently used units may still work well and be bought at a discount. A buyer is encouraged to look over used wholesale reefer units before making a purchase, and check for any damage or wear and tear. The buyer might also perform a test run of the reefer to make sure it can generate and sustain the desired temperatures.

Financing means approaching specialized trucking lender companies, rather than big banks. Having a good business credit score and personal credit score may lead to getting as much as 100% of the reefer’s value in a loan, and at a low interest rate. The buyer might also take out a loan on an existing trailer of theirs, based on its value. Either way, the trailers and trucks act as collateral for the lender, making this a secured loan.

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