How To Create a Kitchen That Boosts Your Wellness In 2020

In today’s biting economy, kitchen renovations might seem an unnecessary expense. But nothing is further from the truth. Research shows that a small kitchen remodel usually comes with a remarkable 82.7% ROI (return on investment). We are all health-conscious and keeping our dear ones healthy and safe is always a top priority. The last thing you would want is your home having a negative impact on your family’s wellbeing, right? There are many dangers associated with traditional furnishings, products, mold, and building materials. Some of them are the culprits behind issues such as cancer, nerve disorders, and asthma. You are also perhaps aware of how improper designs in our homes disrupt sleeping patterns and cause discomfort. All these can take a toll on our mental well-being and productivity. This is especially true when wellness support design is not taken seriously. But what is wellness design all about?

Wellness Support Design

In the past, wellness was a term that solely revolved around the physical aspect. Most people thought that taking care of themselves is all about exercise and diet. Not so long after, the wellness idea spread its wings in order to touch on mind set matters. This included aspects such as how people treat themselves, slowing down, social circles, and even how to deal with technology. It was soon realized that wellness is an integral ingredient when it comes to everyday living. Courtesy of our living spaces, all these social, mental, and physical concerns can become worse or better. And yes, you need to do something if your home is lagging behind when it comes to wellness.

The majority of homeowners do not even know when wellness support is missing. Most are usually at a crossroads and don’t know how to liven a frustrating room. Some can’t stay long enough in a given space and their body language exposes their discontent. Though the main goal is to have a healthy home, chances are you don’t know how to wrap your fingers around this matter. You may have browsed the internet without finding a way on how to have a home that enhances wellness support. In fact, the internet information you bump into might only be reminding you about the dangers of home toxins. However, all hope is not lost because it’s possible to create a wellness support kitchen. Read on to find out how.

Home Cooking

Truth is, home cooking seems to be on its deathbed in the 21st century. This shouldn’t be the case given all the benefits home cooking has to offer. It goes without saying that the better part of commercially made foods are high in sugar, salt, and fat. A seasoned nutrition specialist will agree that excess sugar, salt, and fat are no-go zones. Home cooking spares you the dangers that come with such ingredients. Thanks to home cooking, people can enjoy the advantage of deciding food ingredients. With home cooking, the power to control amounts of ingredients is simply in your hands. Home cooking means lesser ingredients without compromising on food taste.

Moreover, home cooking is a great option when it comes to keeping allergies and sensitivities at bay. This is good news should there be a family member prone to food allergies, isn’t it? What’s more, is that home cooking can be a good way of avoiding dental issues that come with sticky foods. If you were to ask a dentist or orthodontist, he/she will tell you about sticky food dangers. Sticky foods such as dried fruits attach to your teeth longer in comparison to other food types. Such foods form breeding grounds for harmful bacteria. Sure, treatments such as dental gel can help alleviate dental problems. But avoiding anything that causes dental problems is a much better idea. Home cooking helps you achieve this because you will avoid ingredients such as sticky foods. Consult your preferred dentist if you wish to learn more.

Pocket Doors

Limiting the number of open shelves in your kitchen is always a good idea. As you probably know, open shelves offer a perfect platform for dust buildup. Limiting open shelves will not only mean less dust but less clutter as well. What if I like the beauty of open shelves? You may perhaps ask. No need to fret because pocket doors are a great solution in such cases.

Pocket doors are an ideal addition to shelving units as they help open up the kitchen. Access to each of your stored items becomes easy during food preparation. Just like you have perhaps guessed, you can close the pocket doors so that shelve items remain dust-free. Pocket doors also come in handy during occasions such as dinner parties. This is more so when shelving becomes somewhat messy. In order to conceal the disarray, you could close the pocket doors and clean after guests leave.

Natural Materials

Many homeowners continue to embrace the concept of natural materials. The kitchen is also part of this paradigm shift. Connection to nature is something that makes humans thrive. Therefore, introducing a tad more of nature to your kitchen will invite calmness and joy. Infusing a touch of nature is not solely about plants. Feel free to use materials that nature has to offer. A soft stone and wood kitchen is a good place to start. Such a natural setting is not only relaxing but also inviting as well. Combining modern and natural elements is also viable. Since wood is not the best for countertops, having it on the side is the way to go. If natural materials are what you crave for, a kitchen remodel will help make your dream come true.

Hands-Free Faucets

The popularity of hands-free faucets continues to grow with each rising of the sun. This is for good reason due to the crucial role they play in preventing bacterial spread. With a hands-free faucet, having messy hands is nothing to worry about. Its design is in such a manner that turning it on is easy as a duck takes to water. Having a motion sensor at the faucet’s side is ideal. This will prevent repetitive turning on and off during hand washing. It is along the same lines that hands-free faucets come in handy should you have kids. This is a kitchen addition that will go a long way in wiping out sink griminess and stickiness.


Composting helps in ensuring that your kitchen space is less stinky. Compost containers help in concealing food scraps without the menace of fruit flies or smell. There is an array of benefits associated with composting. Some of them include the reduction of landfill waste and keeping kitchen gardens healthy. Planning for a compost bin during renovations ensures that it suits your needs after installing it at a proper location. You can also have a compost drawer added at the preparation area to allow easy disposal. Adding a hole to your prep zone countertop also means that food scraps will drop to the compost container beneath.

Sense of Smell

The majority of what people taste is what they smell. Consider this the next time you visit your favorite restaurant. This shows you that there is a lot of power that comes with scent. In fact, scent has what it takes to take your wellbeing a notch higher. Therefore, it’s not surprising to hear that scent has an influence on people’s moods as well. A scent that reminds you about something is likely to influence your mood, isn’t it? You probably smile after smelling cookies because they remind you about baking with someone special. A pine scent will likely warm your heart if you prefer being outdoors. Such examples are proof that scents and emotions go hand in hand. Scents are actually the secret behind the success of aromatherapy today. The use of scented soaps, oils, and candles will boost your overall wellbeing. A scent that makes you calm and energized will make the kitchen experience worthwhile.

Glass Door Fridge Freezers

Wondering how to improve your kitchen’s wellness support? You can never go wrong with glass door refrigerators. There is no better way to boost healthy eating practices as instructed by your nutrition specialist. This is because glass door fridge freezers help your eyes focus on healthy foods available. Buying glass door fridges might seem a costly undertaking at first. But this is not the case now that all you need is appliance financing. Glass doors mean that you will see the vegetables in your refrigerator. Seeing them means that you are more than likely to make them part of your menu. On the same note, a glass door fridge goes a long way in minimizing food wastage. This is for the reason that food is less likely to get buried and hidden inside. Buy a glass door refrigerator today, and make your kitchen edge a step closer to wellness support.

Social Kitchen

Social connection is a rather must-have now that a healthy kitchen is what you have in mind. Creating a kitchen design that permits numerous people to socialize, interact, and work is the best. Designing a big kitchen island during your kitchen remodel is the way to go. There will be ample room for food preparations as well as enough space to stand and talk. An open living/kitchen space concept is a sure-fire way of creating a social kitchen design. Such a design allows people to gather at the kitchen’s edge and create a borderline between the living room and the kitchen. Even so, there are numerous other ways to go about creating a sociable gathering kitchen space. A kitchen remodel company will help you get this right.


Lighting has an influence on brain function. Too little, too much, or the wrong tint can negatively affect wellness without you even knowing it. This simply means that lighting shouldn’t be an afterthought during your next kitchen remodel. Make sure that there is no clutter near your kitchen windows so that they bring in natural light. Having easy to open and close window treatments is also a great idea. Consider eradicating bushes or trees blocking kitchen windows to enjoy more sun warmth and light. Operating in close proximity to natural lighting is nothing short of energizing. In addition to boosting your mood, natural light enhances vitamin D production. Stabilization of your sleep and wake cycles will also come as an added bonus. If you’re planning for renovations soon, welcoming natural light to your kitchen will make it happier, brighter, and lighter.

When it comes to artificial lighting, layering will be a step in the right direction. Recessed lights are a good fit for cabinet perimeters. Sink and kitchen islands go well with hanging pendants. Under cabinet lights make food preparation easy. Opt for LED lights as they are not hot to touch and they last longer. LED lights are also known to replicate natural light warmth in their characteristic soft white temperature. Using dimmers will help you decrease light intensity when having guests.

Kitchen Garden

A healthy kitchen is never complete without a kitchen garden. With a kitchen garden, you have all you need to grow healthy foods. There are many benefits associated with growing your own food. Top on the list is how it encourages healthy eating. Secondly, it minimizes depending on grocery stores. To crown it all, it infuses calm and joy to your kitchen space.

From hydroponics to window plants, there are numerous ways of incorporating a kitchen garden. Some people will even hang herbs in their kitchen. Doing so allows them to instantly access them when preparing healthy meals. There is no doubt that having year-round fresh vegetables supply boosts healthy eating at home. Given the benefits of garden kitchens, this is a trend whose popularity will keep increasing.

Summing Up

Living healthy is among the best decisions you can ever make. With costly healthcare today, healthy living should be your lifestyle. With these tips, you need nothing more to be a proud owner of a healthy kitchen.

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