How The Best Tequila is Made

Tequila is a traditional Mexican alcoholic beverage made from the Agave plant. It is popular across the world for its delicious taste. Though it can be quite strong at first. If you have gone to a higher end tequila bar, you may have noticed the prominence of ultra premium tequila such as Patrón. This high-end tequila certainly looks and tastes better than your average tequila.

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What separates from the rest of the pack? In this video, you will find out.

It all starts with harvesting the Agave plant. This plant grows in very specific parts of Mexico that are hot and dry. A farmer cuts off the leathery leaves of the plant until only the middle of left. This part of the Agave plant is harvested and fermented for a long period of time. It is the main ingredient in tequila after all. Only the best ingredients go into making such an exquisite beverage. Once it is in liquid form, it is bottled in an assembly line where workers can bottle dozens per minute. Each bottle sells for around $50 which makes it a premium tequila. However, you can’t really argue the price once you have tried it for yourself.


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