What You Need to Know About Food at a Day Camp

On the YouTube video “Wolfood Summer Camp Food Services”, they discuss food services that supply food to summer day camps. They wanted to change the image of day camp food from ordinary to special by making food from scratch and catering to specific diets. The business caters to all types of diets: kosher, gluten free, vegetarian and makes food from scratch fresh.

Video Source

For example, the chef’s bread and make their own chicken tenders and get produce from local farmers.

They hire talented chefs with culinary education that are excited about cooking and the food they are preparing. Many chefs have hired children and are excited to share their recipes and food they make at the day camp. Working in a summer day camp is seasonal and often chefs are retired or semi-retired. They get to spend a summer in various locations, and it is an opportunity to practice their craft. They hire support staff from all over the world and train them making the summer camp kitchen a teaching kitchen. It is a different type of food service job, and the workers are more connected, giving them a keen sense of community. This work attracts people from all over the world.


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