Diner Talk Where to get the Best Breakfast

Diners for breakfast

As a college student, there is no meal I enjoy more than breakfast at a diner. It is pretty hard to beat diners for breakfast.

Because of the wacky hours that college students keep, I never actually get there for what would traditionally be called breakfast hours, but luckily for me and my kin, diners do breakfast for dinner everyday.

Now I am sure that there are some health nuts out there who will insist that going to diners for breakfast is probably going to kill me, all those delicious omelettes, hash browns, home fries, and endless cups of coffee, or soda, or if you are feeling particularly frisky, maybe a cocktail or two. All I have to say to those health nuts is that my mouth watered while writing that list and you obviously do not know what you are missing.

But really, diners also offer a variety of other great options, that despite being healthy, are still quite tasty; these include parfaits, egg white omelettes or fruit salads. Going to diners for breakfast does not mean that you are necessarily starting your day off with a fatty cholesterol filled meal.

And really, diners are overall super under rated. They serve up a great selection of delicious quality food, plus they are uniquely American.

That is why, in my opinion, going to diners for breakfast is the best breakfast that you could ever get. Read more.

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