These are the Extras That Will Drive Your Event Price Up

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Cheap is common and common is cheap when it comes to events. Usually, any little detail you incorporate that goes “off the beaten path” also goes “off the beaten budget” and digs a little deeper into your pockets. For example, if you are looking to do a Great Gatsby themed event with tiny tea sandwiches and all, consider how much more tiny sandwiches will run you than a regular-sized option. That’s not to say that you should’t get whimsical with your dinner catering menu. Just keep these details in mind when considering what could jack up the cost of your party.
Rural May Be Chic But Isn’t Cheap
Pinterest may make it seem that weddings in the middle of a field are super economical, but they are quite mistaken. When it comes to your event catering service, the less kitchen infrastructure present at your venue, the more they have haul in. So, if you choose a barn yard with no kitchen, they’ll have to bring in a stationary kitchen. This can get rather expensive. To avoid this reality, the best event planners should keep a running list of rural-but-equipped places in your area.
Healthy is Hard
You’re about to learn why the lower class doesn’t eat organic. Sure, a single portion of organic salad won’t eat through your budget. However, professional catering services get really expensive when you try to tie in a fresh, green, organic course. Do you really need to serve salad? Think long and hard. One great alternative to salad is to serve a late-night snack around 10 PM. Guests love the event menus that include late serving of fries or mini pizzas on the dance floor.
Forget the Cake
Finally, an example of how thinking outstide of the box could actually save you money. A giant, tiered cake is quite expensive. Consider using pies, cupcakes, or event cake pops to sub in for the big cake. That means less cutting and a smaller price tag. The best event planner can refer you to bakeries that know just how to create the perfect item. Read more.

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