Three Successful Business Ideas That Will Remind You To Think Outside the Box

Most successful small business ideas

If you are interested in owning a business, you have likely realized that there are plenty of tried-and-true successful business ideas you could try, not to mention a number of small business franchise opportunities. However, no company can thrive if it resembles every other operation that has come before it; instead, a business needs to stand out in order to appeal to customers and create a workable brand identity. Often, this means stepping outside of the box, as the entrepreneurs below did. Read on to learn about some odd ideas for a successful business and get inspired!

Cheese Sculpting
Many people will tell you that the secret to the most successful business ideas is following one’s passion. Sarah Kaufman, a traveling cheese sculptor, is a strange but effective example of this. Kaufman creates cheddar cheese carvings for grocery stores, sporting events, festivals, photo shoots and more, sculpting everything from the Chicago skyline to a scene from the moon landing. When she isn’t carving cheese, she also gives talks on the art and traditions of cheese-making.

Furniture for Slobs
If you’re like most people, you’ve likely had a piece of furniture ruined by a sudden spill, a messy child or other incident. A Maryland-based company called Slobproof! aims to help you handle this situation by building custom furniture with stain-proof fabrics. The company’s CEO, Debbie Wiener, says her products combine “the common sense of a Jewish mother with the muscle of a professional wrestler,” a description that sounds unusual but undeniably useful.

A Mobile Wedding Chapel
Las Vegas, Nevada is well-known for impromptu weddings. However, a company called the Wedding Wagon takes the Elvis impersonators and drive-through chapels out of the equation…unless you want them, that is. For $129, the business will meet you at any Las Vegas location of your choosing at an appointed time with a minister, a witness, and their fully-equipped mobile chapel, which is operated from the back of a van. For another hundred dollars, the company will even meet you at some truly unique locations, like Red Rock Canyon State Park.

While the average person will picture a traditional coffee franchise or restaurant when asked to identify the most successful business ideas, the examples above demonstrate that innovation and creativity can definitely pay off. Take the mobile wedding chapel company, for example: this idea took a popular local industry and added a unique, helpful twist that helps it stand out and appeal to a wide variety of customers. This specific business likely wouldn’t be considered one of the most successful business ideas anywhere but Las Vegas, but other companies have applied similar touch to their companies, turning everyday coffee shops into mobile cafes and other interesting businesses. How will you turn something odd into an extraordinary business?

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