Celebrate the End of the School Year With a Party!

Frozen yogurt spoons

Many American schools are coming to an end. The end of the school year marks an important time in many children?s lives. They are completing one grade and moving onto another. Some children will even make the transition into a new school. You can make this transition period exciting and memorable by throwing an end of the year celebration. An end of year celebration is the perfect opportunity to celebrate another school year completed and to allow children to spend one more day with their school peers.

Schedule it immediately following the last day
Some children?s schedules get even busier during the summer months. They might be sent to summer camps or summer programs. They might go on multiple vacations with their family members. Some children might even attend summer school programs. If you wait too long to schedule the end of year celebration, many children may not be able to attend. To have the best attendance rates, try to schedule it immediately following the last day of school. Many schools have half days on the last day, making it the perfect time to plan a celebration. If this is not a possibility, the day after, or the first weekend are great options.

Plan for food and drinks
All good parties have some type of refreshments. Also, children are likely to be hungry after completing end of year tests and assignments. Make the event even more entertaining by providing fun and delicious food items. Ice cream and other dessert treats are a great idea and are often well liked by the majority of guests. The average American alone will consume ice cream 28.5 times this year. Many also signify summer as the best time to consume ice cream and other gelato cups types of treats.

Remember entertainment
Do not forget to plan some type of entertainment for the celebration. Although children are pretty good at entertaining themselves, a type of planned entertainment will only make the event that much more memorable. For less limited of budgets, go with a musician or rent outdoor games. Even if you are on a budget, you can find ways to entertain everyone attending. Great cost efficient entertainment ideas include streaming music, water games, and park activities. For even larger of events, consider co planning the event with other parents.

Create a party theme
Creating a party theme can actually make it easier to plan. Otherwise, you might be overwhelmed at the number of options available for things like decorations, food items, and entertainment. You can build a theme around almost anything. Your theme will likely depend on the age of children in attendance. Younger children tend to enjoy super heroes and cartoon characters. Older children might prefer musicians or video game trends. When you create a party theme, you can customize everything to match that theme. You can provide party favors in that theme. You can even give out custom cups for the frozen yogurt cups.

Invite the staff and parents
Your end of year celebration does not have to be children only. Both parents and staff also have extremely busy school years. Inviting the school staff and parents of the other children can make the event even better. However, if you are going to have adults at your event, it is important to also cater to their needs. Expand your dessert options with gelato cups and low fat ice cream options. While children prefer sugary and candy filled gelato cups, adults often prefer simpler flavors, like vanilla or chocolate. According to a recent survey of International Ice Cream Association member companies, vanilla remains the most popular flavor among their consumers at 28%. Additionally, 90% of U.S. households regularly indulge in a sweet, frozen treat, making it the perfect dessert choice to serve.

The close of the school year can be an exciting time for many families. Celebrate this important time by throwing an end of school year celebration. Provide entertainment, provide gelato cups and brightly colored spoons for dessert, and allow everyone to unwind and celebrate together.

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