Looking for a High-Quality, Sustainable Alternative to the Local Supermarket’s Meat?

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When you live a busy lifestyle, you may not have enough time to shop for all of the quality meats, poultry, or seafood that you would like to prepare and serve. Since you’re also health-conscious, chances are that you only purchase grass fed and free range chicken, grass fed beef, and wild caught Alaskan salmon.

The Benefits of Grass Fed and Free Range Chicken

Were you aware that the average American eats 90 pounds of chicken a year? Not only does grass fed and free range chicken taste better, it is also free of antibiotics and other substances commonly given to non-free-range chickens.

According to a 2011 study that was published in Clinical Infectious Diseases, 47% of supermarket poultry products contain Staph bacteria. This bacteria was also found in other types of meat products.

The Benefits of Grass-Fed Beef

Every year, Americans consume an average of 66.5 pounds of beef. As recently as 2001, it is estimated that 60% to 80% of American-produced antibiotics were added to livestock feed. More recently, in an effort to avoid eating meat from antibiotic-fed cows, Americans are turning to grass-fed beef. While this just accounts for an estimated 3% of sales, awareness is increasing.

In addition to being antibiotic-free, there are other benefits to consuming beef from grass, or opposed to grain-fed, cows. Just a few of these benefits include these higher natural nutritional substances:

  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin E
  • Beta carotene

Farmed Versus Wild Salmon

Farmed salmon, however, tends to average 27 grams of fat in half of a filet. It has also been determined that farmed salmon has over 3 times the amount of saturated fat than wild salmon.

The Benefits of Free-Range Pork

If you’d like to buy free range pork online, too, you may also be interested in knowing that pasture pigs have 300% more vitamin E and 74% more selenium in their milk. This obviously makes a difference in the quality of their milk, and as a result, pasture pigs have healthier litters than their caged counterparts.

When you purchase these products online, you can have them conveniently delivered to your home. Rather than spend all that time and energy searching for high-quality, free-range poultry, pork, beed, and salmon, you can focus on looking for and preparing new recipes.

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