Enjoy an Ice Cream Buffets at Home or Your Local Ice Cream Store

Buffets come in handy when you are serving many guests a variety of meals. When setting up a buffet table, ensure that the guests can easily reach the food. The plates and the cutlery should be positioned at the beginning of the line so that guests can pick and go-ahead to serve. Ensure that the food layout keeps the food warm or chilled and away from contamination.

Presentation of food is also as important as how it tastes. Arrange the food in cool buffet tables that are wide enough to accommodate all the chafing dishes. You can also get small tables and put them together, then cover them with a cloth.

When planning to host guests, you can find buffets and servers for sale to cut down the cost. Buffet servers and cabinets come in handy at that time when visitors are in your home, and you want them to get food as they interact with each other. A serving line design can be straight, curved, or angled. All the designs are relevant depending on the amount of space you have and the number of guests you are serving. If the guests are few, then a straight line works.

From time to time, most restaurants will have special offers on meals if you choose the buffet option. You can get casino dinner deals at affordable rates with a variety of meals you will enjoy.

Frozen dessert cups

Are you planning to host an event? Ice cream buffets are a fun and delicious dessert to serve at a variety of events and occasions. From children’s birthday parties to high school reunions and other adult gatherings, ice cream buffets can liven up almost any event.

When Americans go out for ice cream, it can feel like a buffet as well. Since most establishments have shiny colored plastic spoons, these serve as an invitation to experience new flavors. Even though vanilla continues to be the most popular flavor among 28% of the International Ice Cream Association member companies, the friendly staff at a local ice cream shop may encourage a second or third scoop of something new.

It’s not surprising that 90% of households in the United States indulge themselves, their families, and friends with sweet, frozen treats. The NPD Group, for example, conducted a recent survey on ice cream eating habits. The results showed that 40% of Americans will enjoy some ice cream every two weeks or so. Even though most ice cream is produced in June, it is truly popular throughout the year. This is even the case when fall and winter set in, so many Americans may bundle-up before they go out for ice cream.

Americans have dairy farmers to thank for producing all of the milk that is churned into ice cream and gelato. After it’s been churned, Ice cream tends to contain more air than gelato. When comparing the percentage of air in ice cream and gelato, ice cream contains over 50% more air. Gelato, however, contains 25% to 30% air. In terms of milk fat, gelato contains about three to eight percent.

Since the average person will enjoy an ice cream almost 30 times this year, creating a dessert table with an assortment of ice cream, gelato, and frozen yogurt flavors will put smiles on just about every guest. Just imagine all those different toppings along with sugar cones, freshly-baked waffles, and other delicious delivery systems such a a scoop of vanilla on top of a slice of fresh apple pie!

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